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Ler e Contar

Ler e Contar

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Play Read and Count on PC

If your child is starting preschool learning, this app can help.
In our application your child learns the alphabet, vowels and consonants, syllables, numbers, sign language, addition and subtraction, geometric shapes, colors, opposites, animals, fruits, musical instruments, means of transport, more than 200 words and much more !

Complete and illustrated alphabet from A-Z, children can learn to speak and write each letter.
Activities to recognize the letters of the alphabet, learn some words that start with each letter, practice writing letters, organize letters, learn lowercase and uppercase letters, organize letters in alphabetical order and much more.

Introduces the group of vowels and the group of consonants to children.
Activities to learn how to separate groups of vowels and consonants and where to use each letter.

Children can also learn to speak and write the numbers from 0-100 and even count on fingers from 0-10.
Various activities to practice writing numbers, counting on fingers, organizing numbers, counting objects and much more.

Contains the entire alphabet in pounds.
Learn to recognize the signs and identify each letter of the alphabet.

Addition and subtraction in a simple and easy way to learn.
Count on your fingers to learn to add, they are additions and subtractions in various ways.

Teaches how to speak and draw the main geometric shapes giving examples of objects that have these shapes.
Here you learn to identify which geometric shape some objects have, to draw shapes, and to use and assemble geometric shapes.

There are 12 colors, the most popular, with several variations of the same color and 2 examples of each, and now you also learn the mixtures of the main colors.
Learn what colors are and their mixtures and identify the colors of objects.

Learn the antonym of words, there are 36 examples of words and their opposites.
Activities to connect the opposite images, identify which is the opposite of each word and form pairs of opposites.

Children can learn the animals' names and the sounds they make. There are 60 animals with illustration and 4 photos of each one.
In the activities you learn to identify the animal by the sound it makes and by the name. You can also link the many different photos of each animal.

Meet 30 different fruits with illustration and several photos of each one.
Exercise to link the drawing of the fruit with the real photo of it, color it, click on the correct fruit and assemble the fruit.

There are 30 musical instruments. We teach the name of each instrument, with a real image and the sound each one makes (2 sound examples for each instrument).
Learn to recognize the instrument by its name and the sound it makes and other activities.

Get to know the main means of transport, there are 30 examples of vehicles with illustrations and 4 photos of each one.
Activity to color each vehicle, identify each vehicle by name and link the illustration with the vehicle photo.

A menu with over 200 words to try to read and write.
Activity to read and write the word correctly.
We also added a small word quiz for the child to try to read and identify the word.

In all categories, you will find the option to play activities randomly, improving your child's learning in a more didactic and complete way.

And that's all in a single application totally free!
Available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

I'm sure your son will love it!

Jogue Ler e Contar no PC. É fácil começar.

  • Baixe e instale o BlueStacks no seu PC

  • Conclua o login do Google para acessar a Play Store ou faça isso mais tarde

  • Procure por Ler e Contar na barra de pesquisa no canto superior direito

  • Clique para instalar Ler e Contar a partir dos resultados da pesquisa

  • Conclua o login do Google (caso você pulou a etapa 2) para instalar o Ler e Contar

  • Clique no ícone do Ler e Contar na tela inicial para começar a jogar

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