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Recursos do Jogo

Classic mine sweeper game, a simple test and exercise game for memory and reasoning skills. It is divided into three levels: primary, middle and high. In addition, you can choose the number of mines. The goal of the game is to find all non-ray lattices as quickly as possible. If you mine a mine, you will lose the game.

game rules:
1. Dig the corresponding square by clicking on it. If a number appears on the square, it indicates the number of mines present in the eight orientations around it. Then based on this, judge which square to dig next.
2. Select the flag in the button below. After clicking the box, you can mark the box with mine. If you want to cancel, continue to click 2 times.
3. Select Zoom in the lower button to zoom the screen to avoid delays.
4. Click on the smiley icon in the middle to start a new game.

One clip two, one has thunder; two clip three, the heart has thunder; two clip three, all have thunder; two sides, there are thunder; three one, one with thunder; four one, one with thunder.

The mobile version of the mine-sweeping game prepared for you has retained the most classic interface and gameplay, allowing you to return to the classic moment.

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Jogue Mine Sweeper - Puzzle Games no PC. É fácil começar.

  • Baixe e instale o BlueStacks no seu PC

  • Conclua o login do Google para acessar a Play Store ou faça isso mais tarde

  • Procure por Mine Sweeper - Puzzle Games na barra de pesquisa no canto superior direito

  • Clique para instalar Mine Sweeper - Puzzle Games a partir dos resultados da pesquisa

  • Conclua o login do Google (caso você pulou a etapa 2) para instalar o Mine Sweeper - Puzzle Games

  • Clique no ícone do Mine Sweeper - Puzzle Games na tela inicial para começar a jogar

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