IK: Preschool Learning Games 4 Kids & Kindergarten

IK: Preschool Learning Games 4 Kids & Kindergarten

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*** Educational activities developed by early education experts ***

Come join Leo the Cat where learning is a colorful, exciting adventure! Leo guides your child’s learning as the conductor of a colorful train with each car a new stage on the path to advancing children’s intellectual growth.
By learning phonics, alphabet letters, numbers, colors, and so much more, your child will be ready for kindergarten. Just install the IntellectoKids app and teaching becomes a fun, educational game!

Why should I install IntellectoKids Learning Games for Kids?
Learning Games for Kids is a series of educational games developed by IntellectoKids with the direct involvement of teachers who have extensive experience teaching readiness skills, logical thinking, and memory strategies to young children — all while inspiring a love for learning.
There are over 100 educational activities designed to help toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners gain a wide range of skills. Completing the practice exercises sequentially allows children to expand their intellectual capabilities and gain confidence.
The teaching process is based on a game-like method that serves as the foundation for the most up-to-date, effective techniques of teaching toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
The large selection of educational games, built on the nuances of children’s mental development and factors in their capabilities, is perfect for these age groups:
3-4 year old
4-5 year old
5-6 year old

This app also introduces children to musical instruments and fun facts from the world of art and science which captivates their attention and arouses interest to learn even more! Work is underway to implement individualized lesson plans based on the children’s ages and their abilities/skills/interests or parents’ preferences.
Specific Games
“Interactive Alphabet”
An educational game that teaches kids the ABCs and phonics in a fun, easy way

“Safari School”
A light-hearted, playful game to learn about logic and math with colors, sorting, numbers, and counting

“Musical Puzzles”
An educational game that helps kids learn about various musical instruments
“Hedgehog Educational Tale”
Carl the Hedgehog immerses children in a fascinating, magical story where they learn math, numbers, and number sequence 

“Bamboo Class”
A learning game to help children develop logical and conceptual thinking skills

Features of IntellectoKids Learning Games for Kids
– fun game-like environment
– based on children’s development
– regularly updated with new content & games
− doesn’t require the user to enter personal information about the child

Inspiring a love of learning in kids is easy — just download and install the IntellectoKids app! Make your child’s world special by playing and learning with Leo the Cat!

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