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5억명 이상의 게이머가 신뢰하는 안드로이드 게임 플랫폼 BlueStacks으로 PC에서 플레이하세요.

페이지 수정 날짜: 2022. 2. 25.

게임 특징

✨ Welcome Operator! ✨

🎯 As part of the Tiny Squad, your mission is to get in, kick the doors down, deal with the bad guys and defuse the bomb. In a constantly changing world, you'll have to go through operations, cheat death and collect credits to improve your gear.

💪 You won't be alone on your journey, as you'll get to bring in and combine Companions for the ride, along with their unique abilities. Destroy your way to the objective with Brick, or recon your path around enemies and traps with Prime. Or pick anybody else on the roster and change your playstyle completely.

Come join the Tiny Squad :
🏆 Compete on new and unique operations every day for the leaderboard's top spot
🧨 Shoot plenty of unique weapons in fully destructible environments
🙋 Enjoy a ton of unique characters to discover, play as, or mow down
🎁 Collect hundreds of rewards, permanent upgrades, skins, companions and other secrets
🗝 Unravel the mystery of the Tiny world!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at: contact@kapsicus.com
Privacy Policy : https://www.kapsicus.com/privacypolicy/

접기 더 보기

PC에서 Tiny 플레이해보세요.

  • BlueStacks 다운로드하고 설치

  • Google Play 스토어에 로그인 하기(나중에 진행가능)

  • 오른쪽 상단 코너에 Tiny 검색

  • 검색 결과 중 Tiny 선택하여 설치

  • 구글 로그인 진행(만약 2단계를 지나갔을 경우) 후 Tiny 설치

  • 메인 홈화면에서 Tiny 선택하여 실행


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