There are many different pixels here. Find and catch them all! For this you need special pixelmon balls.
In addition, you met other pixel trainers. They also explore this world, develop their buildings and train their pocket pets. Find them and you can arrange a pixelmon battle. Find out whose pet is stronger! Special talent points to pump and enhance your pixelmon skills! You can evolve your pet. It will take a new form and become even stronger!
The game has three different types of pets! They all fight with other coaches.

Game features:
Cute open world (sandbox)
A huge number of pixelmon and their evolutionary forms
Crafting ability
Pixelmon dex
Different character skins
Thrilling battles

the change of night and day
More pixelmon
New skins
Pikachu Mode PESonic

Jogar Pixelmon auto: chess craft go PE build piikachuEm BlueStacks

BlueStacks 4 é um novo emulador de Android e a única plataforma para jogos desenhada e desenvolvida por gamers.

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