Dot Arena

Asia’s #1 Mobile Game is taking Southeast Asia by storm! Experience innovative strategic action-card-battle gameplay, collect your team of cute and epic heroes, and challenge your friends in unique PvP, survival, and guild co-op multiplayer combat.
Join the 43 million players discovering this unique RPG card battle experience – enter the world of Dot Arena now.

Dot Arena is Asia’s top PvP RPG action card battle game.

Key Features:
1 Unparalleled Heroes – With over 100 unforgettable, collectable heroes: melee sea sprites, agile archers and musketeers, powerful mages and magic summoners. One-touch skill releases each hero’s unique special ultimate skills in real-time battle. With simple and straightforward gameplay, this game is easy for any player to pick up, but with its deep strategy mechanics and hero combinations, it takes a true master to conquer the Arena!

2 Adventure Unique Survival-mode PvP – Adventure through Dot Arena’s unique survival PvP mode: the Crucible of Fire. Your heroes will be eliminated once they die in battle and only the surviving heroes can enter the next CoF battle.

3 Raid Dungeons – Challenge the Raid Dungeons and cooperate with your guild mates to beat monsters from different campaign chapters. You can also collect special raid dungeon loot to equip and upgrade your heroes.

4 Team Customization - in Dot Arena, there are Over 100 million combinations of heroes, let alone equipment so it is up to you to select your team! Your skill, strategy, and lightning fast reactions will command your heroes in each battle to lead you to victory. If you don’t have the meta-friendly heroes, don’t worry, rentable Mercenary heroes in camp are waiting to be hired.

5 Energy and Experience – in Dot Arena, 60 free Energy is given 3 times a day to make sure player have enough energy to collect to battle. Also the Caverns of Time and Dojo are now updated with no cool down time to enable player explore these stages as he/she wishes, making the game a better experience for our fast paced players!

6 Dot Arena is free to play, and there is always abundant loot for players to collect and upgrade their heroes, in addition more items can be bought via in-app purchases. In Dot Arena, we have diamonds, arena coins, dragon scale coins, gladiator coins and brotherhood coins. These in-game currencies are all collectable for both paying and non-paying users in different stages and battles, and can be exchanged in different stores in the game for a variety of exciting items and even heroes.

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Last Update
December 22, 2016
4.2/5 ( 122,800 )

Update notes

New Features

1. Updated main menu art and music.

2. Added 3 hero artifact quests: Magnum, Barbaro, and Drekkon.

3. New Mentor System.

4 New Arena revenge system: players can take revenge on opponents that they have been defeated by.

5. New artifact and runestone forge leaderboards.

6. Top-up event heroes are now in the top-up menu.

7. Awakening opened for: King Gus, Mia, Bastion, and Jack.

8. Added Halle and King Gus SS to the Interstellar Merchant.

9. Added an all-new server transfer feature

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