Soul King

SoulKing official Opening
Log in every day for 7 days
and get the best characters and equipment the game has to offer!
Various items given out daily!

◆◆Game Intro◆◆
Introducing a new RPG to revolutionize all RPG's in 2016!!
Anybody can play,
but not everyone can master its strategy!
Use perfect timing to intercept, dominate, and obliterate the enemy!!
Over 370 characters full of personality!
Various game modes including Adventure, Pillage, Raid, and Multiplayer Modes!
Experience strategy and action like no other!
The game isn't over until the fat lady sings!
A strategic game with the most epic comebacks!
Soul King, the unpredictable RPG,
with no room for carelessness!

◆◆Game Characteristics◆◆
[Easy! Fun! This is a true RPG!]
Simple controls make strategic gameplay possible!
Use Hero Skills and Leader Effects to create the best team.
Use Skill combos to attack the enemy!
[Quick Growth with Charismatic Heroes]
370 Charismatic Heroes with 5 Element Affiliations!
Strengthen your Heroes by upgrading them from 1★ to 6★!
Upgrade Heroes with various powers to create your unique team!
[Always tons to do! Simple but numerous content!]
Game Modes ranging from Adventure, Story, Exploration, Daily Dungeons, PvP, Pillage, Infinite Tower, and Raid!
Strategic fights and action-packed gameplasy! The exciting journey starts now!
Enjoy an abundance of content using various strategies!
[Everybody can be a VIP!]
You don't need to pay! Just play the game!
Everybody is a Soul King VIP!
There's no pressure! Enjoy your VIP status!

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Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play.
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※ Tablet mode supported

Nhà phát triển ứng dụng
Netmarble Games
Thể loại
Nhập vai
Last Update
7 tháng 12, 2016
4,6/5 ( 24.451 )

Các chú giải về cập nhật

◆New Update◆

New Area 'Dragon Stone' Unlocked

Challenge Tower's "Awoken Mode" Unlocked

12vs12 PvP Unlocked

Medal System Added to Hall of Heroes

Skill Level Up Items Added

Two New Mythic Heroes and 3 New Heroes Added

New "Immortal" Gear Added

Tựa game nhập vai chiến thuật theo phong cách nhí nhố vừa được ra mắt đang thu hút lượng lớn game thủ tham gia

Đây là một game mobile 2D thuộc thể loại nhập vai kết hợp chiến thuật có đề tài huyền ảo. Trò chơi xây dựng nên một thế giới mang đậm phong cách cổ Châu Âu, kết hợp với đó là nội dung gameplay đa dạng thiên về tính casual những vẫn cực thử thách người chơi