Fancy Love: Interactive Romance Game

Fancy Love: Interactive Romance Game

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Game Features

Customize your characters with various designs - You can choose the style of the protagonist before the story starts, including your face, hair, and outfit. Changing your look is also available during playing stories.

Explore the stories with multiple choices for romance or tragedy - Just like the real-life, you have to be cautious before making choices. Happiness or suffering, love or miss, who knows.

Build a relationship with your favorite character - Discover what you truly desire, choose your true love and enjoy the love and passion in stories.

Different endings for stories - Each story contains two or more endings. Try more choices to get different ending by restarting the story.

Wide variety of stories for playing - Pick your stories in our growing library with frequent updates.

Currently, we have:
My billionaire stepfather - As a newcomer to the famous private high school in Upper East Side, you have an ulterior purpose of taking revenge on your mother. However, entangling yourself with your smart and handsome stepfather is completely out of your expectation...

New Diva – With the angel-kissed sweet voice, you undoubtedly win the top producer, Sir Lister’s favor in the recruitment of musical actor. On the journey to your musical dream, you meet friends and rivals, learn to distinguish between sincerity and conspiracy, and most importantly, find your true love and soulmate.

The Love Story of the Lingerie Queen - After being fired from a lingerie shop, you get a strange offer and meet a handsome employer who cannot walk temporarily. He is eccentric and moody, brings you endless harshness and warmth. He encourages you to pursue your dream. Then you encounter the man who pushes you to the top of your career…

The Mysterious Kingdom - Your life is in a total mess after being humiliated by your boss and dumped by your boyfriend. Suddenly, an unexpected testament from your grandma sends you into a mysterious kingdom. There, you get involved with the manor owner, the Earl as well as the heir to an industrial group inexplicably, along comes the secret of the crystal cube...

Edit romance - You’re a senior best-seller editor, after a crazy and unexpected encounter, your life changed——you’re pregnant. The guy made this is a playboy. Meanwhile, both your unforgettable ex and close guy friend are waiting for you to accept their love.

I belong with a Vampire - You make the acquaintance of a handsome and rich collector by accident and know the dark and alluring world of vampires because of him. Just when you’re about to have a romance with him, you find a conspiracy about your blood is brewing up…

Metropolitan - The 1920s was a decade of contradictions and paradoxes in the history of the United States. At the beginning of this story, you are 16, living in the notorious slum of Moon City. This experience is one of the few life-changing moments of your life, crucial but not the end of the journey. It begins here…

And more fascinating stories to be released…

Supported Language: English only.

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