Idle Devils

Idle Devils

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Game Features


😈【IDLE & Progress! Enjoy a worry-free experience!】😈
Have your heroes auto-battle when you work or study. No complicated gestures or hard efforts needed. Then return to face new challenges unlocked! The best AFK game experience ever.

😈【Maps & Strategies involved! Plan out your tactic & Dominate!】😈
Combining strategic gameplay elements with idle RPG game features, Idle Devils will be surely exciting and captivating to you between casual and hardcore. With the key feature, World Map, where you co-op with other players and fight against Boss, and collect items that help boost your heroes! .

😈【Heroes Awaiting! Gather & Team up your unique lineup!】😈
With diverse heroes, character specialties, and amazing skills, you’ll be surprised at just how many hero formations are possible. Make your best lineup from five different factions and tactically adjust them to overcome various challenges!

😈【Full of challenges! Include a variety of great gameplays!】😈
Idle Devils offers no less than six different game modes for you to enjoy. Gain rewards and resources by exploring Tower of Infinity, Treasure Map, Snowland, Explorers, and so on. Play at your own pace without time restrictions or deadlines.

😈【Exquisite Battles! Get ready for stunning graphics!】😈
Exquisite combat systems and abundant arenas, believe it or not, it’s already a pleasure just to watch the battle going on!


On the Continent of Rapei, where Humans, Devils, Elves and Undead used to coexist peacefully, the rift between factions is reaching a crisis…

In Kingdom of Human, a prince was incriminated in the contest of the throne. The fallen prince was possessed by hatred, he accepted the deal with Undead and derived the power from darkness, and started a war against the Kingdom of Human.

It’s been a hard time for the Kingdom of Human, the only hope left is to form an alliance with Devils and Elves.

For many reasons, Devils were isolated by other factions. The King of Devils always wanted to change and to strengthen the status of Devils. He saw this war as an opportunity to raise his race, and decided to provide armies and equipment to Human.

In such a critical situation, you are appointed by the King of Devils as the commander, with the duty to gather power and fight against darkness.

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เล่น Idle Devils บน PC ได้ง่ายกว่า

  • ดาวน์โหลดและติดตั้ง BlueStacks บน PC ของคุณ

  • ลงชื่อเข้าใช้แอคเคาท์ Google เพื่อเข้าสู่ Play Store หรือทำในภายหลัง

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  • คลิกเพื่อติดตั้ง Idle Devils จากผลการค้นหา

  • ลงชื่อเข้าใช้บัญชี Google Account (หากยังไม่ได้ทำในขั้นที่ 2) เพื่อติดตั้ง Idle Devils

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