Derendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker

Derendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker

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Game Features

IDLE Quest is an offline IDLE game in which the hero increases his skills, and acquires new items even when you are AFK. After returning, you can spend the collected resources to make it even more powerful. Thanks to this you will be able to discover new areas and overcome more powerful opponents.


Thanks to randomly generated descriptions referring to the best role-playing games filled with magic and sword, you can completely move to a world filled with infinite dungeons with lurking opponents like orcs or dragons.


Immerse yourself in an epic adventure in a climate of magic and sword. Collect legendary items, upgrade your skills to become the greatest hero in epic history. Stop the dark before it takes over the world.


Choose from many unique skills. Each of them has a real impact on how quickly you will become more powerful. Use magical potions, and read ancient books - thanks to them you will increase your power even more.


In game, you will find varied areas, each of which hides new secrets. Explore abandoned mines or traverse trade routes in search of treasures left behind - the choice is yours.


Get powerful crystals and exchange them for amazing artifacts. Each one of them will strengthen your hero to make you even more powerful

Main features

✔️ Infinite clicker IDLE style gameplay - no ascend system
✔️ Text mode that allows you to get deep into the game world
✔️ Diversified lands (from mountains and forests through mines, dungeons and castles)
✔️ Unique opponents(dragons, spiders, forest animals)
✔️ A unique promotion RPG system
✔️ Many quests to complete, with unique rewards
✔️ Manage your own hero and collect experience
✔️ Read books to level up faster
✔️Equip in epic sword, shields and amulets to become real hero
✔️ Double your earnings for 24 hours ❕❕
✔️ Drink magic potions and get special bonus
✔️ No internet connection needed
✔️ Best clicker rpg game
✔️Become the famous hero this magic RPG world
✔️Unique incremental clicker with a lot of idle mechanics

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