Merge Cats - Get Blockchain Crypto

Merge Cats - Get Blockchain Crypto

การเงิน | Sergey Zasorin

เล่นบน PC ผ่าน BlueStacks - Android Gaming Platform ที่ได้รับความไว้วางใจจากเกมเมอร์ 500 ล้านคนทั่วโลก

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Game Features

Download and earn 550 currency in a 10 minutes. To earn blockchain tokens you need:

✔️ Earn cryptocurrency for daily tasks!
✔️ Open chests
✔️ Digital currency - reward for winning the tournament🏆
✔️ Go through the registration and get blockchain assets.
✔️ Participate in regular airdrops

More than 67,000 transactions completed!

Merge Cats - the easiest way to get cryptocurrency
You do not need to understand complex terminologies, follow simple steps and get cash in this blockchain app

Register in Merge Cats and get blockchain scrill to the site in your personal account.

Easy to withdraw money - create a wallet. It`s step by step list of recommended wallets can be found on the site.

Make the first conclusion the free withdrawal of 50 digital currencies without passing verification and make sure that your wallet supports SOUL.

We are against bots and multi-accounts to safe value to SOUL, so you need to go through the KYC verification procedure in order to earn cryptocurrencies without restrictions in the future.

The SOUL has value and is traded on the following exchanges: HotBit and Mercatox, where you can exchange the coin for one of your favorite cryptocurrencies or get cash sets, such as free Bitcoin, Ethereum,

Here you can get the first crypto earnings. Merge Cats is the perfect place to get your first virtual currency

Get crypto money is earned in this finance app. Climb in leaderboard then you will find your name in the first place, if you collect enough coin!

Complete quests, get crypto stuff and withdraw everything to your free Bitcoin wallet. Get achievements and additional coin for them, as well as a huge amount of financies app. Get crypto tokens - earn here, free bitcoin earnings. Powered by blockchain technology

✔️SOUL listed on СoinMarketCap;
✔️Traded on exchanges;
✔️We burn 50% of the SOUL used in the game;
✔️Contract address: 0xbb1f24c0c1554b9990222f036b0aad6ee4caec29;
✔️SOUL in circulation: 198,449,321;
✔️Crypto Tokens total: 287,031,826;
✔️Created on the basis of etherium (erc 20);
✔️White Paper is available on our website.

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