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Game Features

Reward Master Free Spins help you get along in this amazing game. You can get free spins from friends and events, but the easiest way to get your Coin Master Free spins is from spin links issued by Reward Master. On this page you get all these free spin links, so you have them all in one place and don’t have to follow all Reward Master channels. Collect these free spin links below. Make sure you get them in time since they are mostly valid for only three days.

- Daily Bonus Wheel

The daily bonus wheel is available every 24 hours means every day. This bonus wheel gives you a major amount of coins and it depends on your village level.

- Asking Friends for Coins

If you are connected with Facebook friends, you can ask your friends to send coins. It will help when you don’t have spins to collect coins and also a daily bonus already redeemed.

You also send coins to your friends. Thus, more friends on the list, the more coins you can receive every day.

- Coins Rewards from Events

You can get a larger number of coins from a coin master event. Rewards Master events give you more coins rewards than regular play. There are many events in Rewards Master.

- Coins from Promotional Links

You can get rewards from the promotional links. It is one type of deep link that gives you rewards. Everyday Coin Master gives a link for rewards but it will be published on different platforms so many apps and websites give all these links at once place.

"Rewards Master" made the list of all links so you can get all the links easily in one place.

- Applications of Coins

Coins are very useful to play the coin master hopefully. The coin will help you complete your Vikings. It will help you to buy a new chest and chest brings you some more new cards.

And cards bring you more spins if cards set is completed.

So it is a 360-degree process that makes the coin master a very enjoyable and great game of all time.

- Refer your friends

You can get 40 spins from your friends when you refer to this game with your referral link.

Note: 40 spins will receive only once per user means once a user joins Rewards master, you receive 40 spins if he/she never joins Rewards master before.

- Earn spins from Cards

Cards collection is a unique way to get free spins. It is not a really easy method to get spins. Yes, you can get a larger amount of spins at a time but first of all, you have to complete the card collection.


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