Mermaid Secrets21–Heartbreak Mermaid Princess

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Caractéristiques de Jeu

The most exciting little mermaid game for children ever. Princess at sea Mia is taken home by the ocean king. Her first crush Eric is so worry about mermaid girl and plans to find some information about the mermaid word in the library. What will he find out in mermaid game? Mermaid princess Mia has a bitter argument with her father. Little mermaid is so sad and please help mermaid princess makeover to be a real princess.
Queen at sea Meredith tries to comfort this heartbreak mermaid girl. Will the princess at sea recover soon? Princess Mia prepares a special gift for her first crush Eric. Such an interesting DIY design.

Mermaid Game Features:
1. Mermaid princess Mia disappears in the ocean. Where is the princess at sea?
2. Sea princesse Mia’s first crush Eric can’t find his lover, he is so worry about mermaid Mia’s safety.
3. Ocean princess Mia’s boyfriend Eric comes to the library. Please help him to find some clues about mermaid’s world.
4.Mermaid Mia has a bitter argument with her father underwater. But you are the princess. You need to looks amazing in the coming party! Make hair salon, dress up, pick up your high heels, put mermaid make up to shine.
5. Don't cry, my poor heart break mermaid girl. Now do the mermaid makeover in our mermaid games for girls.
6. Queen at sea Meredith is coming and she prepares a princess crown for her perfect girl Mia. Let’s make a unique crown fashion design in mermaid girl games together.
7. Wow! Look. Mermaid girl become the gorgeous party queen with this fabulous princess crown. No doubt all pretty boys will come for a mermaid Mia.
8. The heartbreak girl Mia feels so sad and prepares a special gift for her high school lover Eric. Let's help the princess to get ready!
9. DIY girls! Time to show your DIY skills. There's a new DIY queen in ocean-yes, that's right- You!!!- The ocean princess-Mermaid Mia.
10. Wow, the music box is so beautiful! Mermaid girl Mia are really a genius on our DIY project. Tons of DIY decorations in this beauty DIY games.
11.Mermaid princess Mia’s first crush Eric opens the music box. He misses this heartbreak girl Mia so much.
12. OMG, Mermaid Mia’s secret admire Alan finds out the secrets of mermaid. Will he start an underwater adventure in mermaid games?

Download the free kids game now!Dress up beautiful mermaid princess in dress up games for girls! Be the mermaid princess and play mermaid games right now!

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