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Bolt Creative, Inc
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Última Atualização December 10, 2013

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Are you a benevolent or a vengeful god? Discover!

Want to hear some good news? You are a god. The island god! The bad news, though, is that being a god is not as easy as it sounds. First, you have to choose what kind of god are you willing to be: benevolent or vengeful? Tough question, isn’t it? Well, while you try to figure that out, we have a suggestion: play Pocket God on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and choose your ruling path. Enjoy the most intense microgame, explore an incredible universe with multiple locations and packed with hilarious scenarios and exciting games. Can you uncover all the secrets amongst your people without being noticed? What kind of god you are going to be? Fell free to choose, make sure you choose the right path, as it may be too late to try and change it during your journey. You may be a god, and as a god, you do say the rules. The thing is: what to do with those who are not willing to follow you? Annihilate them? Let them be? Those are the actions that are going to determinate which kind of god you really are! Download Pocket God on PC with BlueStacks and see how it goes!

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Por que jogar Pocket God™ no BlueStacks?

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Mapeamento de Teclas

Aprenda como melhorar as suas habilidades com um mapeamento de teclas especial!


Jogue com Diversas Contas utilizando as Multi-instâncias do BlueStacks

Qual é o melhor mapeamento de teclas para esse jogo?

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Pocket God™ é melhor jogado na plataforma de jogos BlueStacks, com os seus Recursos de Mapeamento de Teclas.

Você pode escolher detonar os seus competidores com controles iguais a de PC usando o Mapeamento de Teclas Padrão do BlueStacks.

Ou se você preferir, você pode mapear as teclas de acordo com o seu gosto para cada controle e obter uma configuração totalmente personalizada que você se sinta confortável.

O que são os XPacks?

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Item Esse XPack
Gráficos otimizados, velocidade e performance
Mapeamento de Teclas
Modo Battle Royale
Plano de Fundo
Conteúdo Personalizado

Como Jogar e Transmitir

Como jogar Pocket God™ no PC

  • 1 Instale BlueStacks e execute o instalador
  • 2 Conclua a configuração única
  • 3 Pocket God™ Vá para a barra de pesquisa no canto superior direito e procure por Pocket God™
  • 4 Clique no ícone e depois clique em instalar na tela do Google Play.
  • 5 Após a conclusão da instalação, clique no ícone Pocket God™ na guia Meus Aplicativos
  • 6 Você está pronto! Divirta-se jogando Pocket God™ no seu PC.

Right? So, how do you bring that up to the world of gaming, specifically to your gameplay? Well, it is easier than you believe: simply rely on the most powerful gaming engine ever created? As a god, you probably know what we are talking about, of course. It’s the new and improved BlueStacks 4, with all its incredible features and advantages. Download Pocket God on Windows 7, 8, 10 with BlueStacks and start finally relying on the advantages a true god deserve. After all, if you are not the one who is going to have full control of your actions, then who could that be? Customize your whole set of commands using the Keymapping tool, create shortcuts for your best moves with the Combo Key macro feature and even get incredible gamer items as reward, collecting the BlueStacks Points simply for taking on your favorite titles. Embrace ultimate freedom and take your gaming to a higher level using BlueStacks 4!

Show your wings at the online community.

Amongst the best things in the world of gaming, something we truly love is the possibility of interacting with other people. After all, socializing is a huge side of the life of a gamer, and that should be always stimulated. That said, we are proud to give you the best way of meeting new people without even have to lift up from your chair! Play Pocket God on PC with BlueStacks and start streaming your entire gameplay in real time with just one click, via Twitch.TV or the network you prefer. Try it out and see how even more amazing your experience can be!

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