Forsaken World Mobile MMORPG

Get ready for explosive real-time co-op action on your mobile device! Explore the massive universe of Forsaken World Mobile with your friends! Together, you’ll raid epic dungeons and battle legendary bosses for tons of loot, or fight for dominance in the Arena! Outfit your hero with exotic mounts and stunning wings! Do it all in a stunningly 3D open world! What are you waiting for?


√ New Feature: Cross-server Clash is staged in new Battlefield—Frozen Wind Valley!
√ New Function: Gem Polish. Polish up you Gem Slots, make Gems more powerful and unleash the real Gloss of your weapon!
√ New Attributes: Control Proficiency & Resistance
√ New Function: Fashion Dye. Adds more uniqueness to your Fashion!
√ New Function: Gem Deconstruction & Reconstruction. Make most of all your Gems!

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Fedeen Games
Last Update
November 22, 2016
3.7/5 ( 21,767 )

Update notes

√ Cross-server PvP: Frozen Wind Valley

√ New Guild Dungeon: Cosmos Core

√ New Dungeon: Ferosek Temple

√ Treasure Tree: Shake the tree to gain Goddess’ Favor & other precious items

√ New Fashion slot: Fashion Relic

√ Fifth Gem Slot

√ New Attributes: Control Proficiency & Resistance

√ Gem Polish: Polish Gem Slots to magnify Gems’ power

√ Gem Deconstruction and Reconstruction

√ Fashion Dye

√ Remelt: Including Level-up, Transformation, Upgrade, Evolution

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