Hexasmash is an action packed, highly addictive and super fun game.

Swing the pendulum and release the wrecking ball with perfect timing to destroy the hexagonal jewels in as few moves as possible. Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the more difficult green hexagons to unlock bonus levels.

Use the objects in each level together to try and minimise the number of moves you need to destroy all the hexagons. You'll have to use your brain power to make sure you're being as efficient as possible, as well as expert timing to hit the perfect spot every time.

Blast through walls, destroy stuff with explosives, knock over crates, crush rocks, roll the ball and smash glass. You won't be able to put Hexasmash down!

Features include:
• 60 Free exciting levels. plus 120 more available with IAP.
• 15+ physics objects in a realistic physics environment
• Bonus green Hexa objects to collect to unlock more levels!
• Awesome effects
• Beautiful graphics
• Ultra smooth game play
• Easy navigation and menu
• Quick restart button on each level
• 9 language options
• Google Play Game Services Leaderboards and achievements

Play the best new physics puzzle now, Free!

Physics objects include:
Balls - Roll them, swing them, blast them across the room!
TNT - Use it wisely to smash glass, fire balls, crush rocks and more.
Rocks - Crush them slowly or blast them with explosives.
Moving platforms - You'll need perfect timing to deal with these!
Launchers - Hit the right spot and see them send objects flying.
Glass - Smash the glass to access new parts of the puzzle.
Wood and Steel crates - Sometimes they are on the way, sometimes they come in handy.
Blocks and ramps - Roll the ball any way you like, using the environment.
Timebombs - Touch them and 5 seconds later, Boom!

Hexasmash is brought to you by the indie developers of best physics puzzles Laserbreak, Hexasmash 2 and CELL 13.

If you like the following games, you'll love Hexasmash!
• Wrecking ball games
• Explosive games
• Physics puzzle
• Destruction and bombs
• Smashing glass
• Bouncing balls
• Transporting objects
• Brain games
• Great time killer games
• Original angry birds style games

Last Update
June 26, 2016
4.3/5 ( 1,548 )

Update notes

• Added level replay button to finish screen

• Added high score on game screen

• Score keeping improvements

• Other game play improvements

• Hexasmash 2 is out now!

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While there may not be anything new about the physics-based gaming genre, there is a lot of new innovations being made in the top games of the year. Play Hexasmash on PC and Mac to experience the greatest puzzle game of the year right in the comfort of your computer or living room. In each level, you will be tasked with unleashing a wrecking ball full of destruction on unsuspecting caverns full of brightly colored jewels. Use as few moves as possible to destroy all of the jewels in each cavern by utilizing other items and parts within the room. Destroy blocks with explosives, jump high with trampolines, and many more interesting actions can make your score soar higher. Destroy the special jewels to unlock super-secret bonus levels only for the bravest of explorers. Enjoy smooth graphics and crisp animations as you tackle over a hundred unique levels and challenges. Play Hexasmash on PC and Mac by clicking the link above.

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