Reaper story online : AFK RPG

Reaper story online : AFK RPG


Играйте на ПК с BlueStacks – игровой платформе для приложений на Android. Нас выбирают более 500 млн. игроков.

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Особенности игры

Now, it's all about online!
The days of playing .io games that keep you glued to the one screen alone are over!
Introducing a new online game that you can play with your friends!
Interact with other players in the village to spice up the game world!
There's even a single-channel system for solo growth.
A system for customizing your own reaper!

◈New content is being added non-stop!

1. Come together! Join forces and take on the [Online Raid] level-by-level!
2. Challenge new heights! Get a huge reward every time you make it to [Heaven Prison]!
3. Get a variety of rewards in [Mimic Field]!
4. Once every week, defeat the [Guardian Dragon] to receive a ranking reward!
5. Where does it end!? Earn rewards for taking on [Many Hunting Grounds] challenges!
6. Catch Mimic King in [Defense Dungeon]!
7. [Costume] customization has finally been added to the game!
8. [Guild] Create new pendants through Guild Raids and Guardian Battles!

◈ A novel, yet easy and striking RPG
- An easy hack and slash game that anyone can play!
- Defeat monsters and upgrade them to gold level! Super simple attributes system!
- A joy to play with easy joystick and smart AI system!

◈ Over 30 skills!
- Each weapon obtained through farming and summoning has its own unique skill!?
- Make your attacks unique utilizing a variety of skills!
- Spectacular effects that are unique to each skill!

◈ The strongest reaper in the world!
- As the one who protect the balance of the world, this celestial reaper must be the strongest!
- A growth rate unmatched by any other RPG!
- Become the strongest reaper and defeat bosses with a variety of fighting styles!

This game uses the MapleStory font.

◈ Optional Access ◈
Reaper Story Online does not use sensitive app permissions that require explicit permissions.

◈ Minimum Specs ◈
Resolution: Support for all devices including Galaxy Fold 2
Ram : 3GB
Android 9 or above
Your device will need at least 300MB of available storage space to install the game

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Играйте в игру Reaper story online : AFK RPG на ПК. Это легко и просто.

  • Скачайте и установите BlueStacks на ПК.

  • Войдите в аккаунт Google, чтобы получить доступ к Google Play, или сделайте это позже.

  • В поле поиска, которое находится в правой части экрана, введите название игры – Reaper story online : AFK RPG.

  • Среди результатов поиска найдите игру Reaper story online : AFK RPG и нажмите на кнопку "Установить".

  • Завершите авторизацию в Google (если вы пропустили этот шаг в начале) и установите игру Reaper story online : AFK RPG.

  • Нажмите на ярлык игры Reaper story online : AFK RPG на главном экране, чтобы начать играть.

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