Fashion College BFF Dress Up

Fashion College BFF Dress Up

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Do you like fashionable dress up? Do you want to step into the fashion pyramid? The campus is the place where the dream begins, and the beginning of your life to the peak! Here, you can cultivate your aesthetic and artistic accomplishments, dress up school girls, enhance your fashion taste, and make your character a trend-setter in the fashion industry!

There are so many styles of clothing and exquisite accessories here, Give full play to your fashion taste and artistic appreciation creativity,help high school girls make the ideal makeover and make them the center of the crowd. Campus outfits are full of youthful, varied styles and colors. The girls are full of joy and individuality. Their lives are cool, full of parties and fun. Choose the right outfit to make the girls stand out in the party!

You can also help every girl to become an actress, movie star, fashion show superstar, celebrity model, or just a cute shopaholic girl, our college girls love partying and shopping the most, in this dress up fashion game you will Be their outfit designer!

【Game Features】
✨ Dress up college girls on one screen with your besties at the same time, with a high level of character customization: pick skin tones, hairstyles and accessories that will help create a personal style.
✨Feast your eyes on beautiful makeup and hair styling, try tons of simple, trendy, glamorous and trendy makeup looks that will propel you forward in the world of fashion until you become a legend!
✨ In addition to chic hairstyles and makeup, we offer thousands of school-glam clothing and accessories to choose from for every styling challenge, such as cheerleading outfits, school parties, and red carpet fittings.
✨ Build a campus backdrop, school classroom, hallway or canteen, park or shopping street, it's up to you! From exclusive luxury parties to casual outings at clubs with friends, get your taste recognized with cute makeovers for girls' events, find your new favorite fashion brand and get on the fashion podium.
✨ The gorgeous transformation of the campus fashion industry, leading the trend of dressing up! make creative and fashionable outfits for the characters according to the backgrounds, make the girls sparkle, and finally take pictures of your characters to capture the most beautiful moments! Now you can show your friends your sense of style and see who is better at dressing up college girls.

All college students need books, phones, laptops, gloves and bags, etc. You can add such accessories in our fashion girl dress up game, if you really like BFF cosplay and makeover, come with your Let's play with girlfriends!

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