Prison escape operation is a new mission for new player who wants to enjoy sensitive duty of helping escape the super prison hero who has been kept behind the bars illegally by police officials of prison game. Take this tough and tiring duty of prison break games and perform special thrills to free your Grand prison hero Robot during escape the prison sensational task. Take exact estimate of all security officials and move totally in hidden form of escape games to make this newly developed impossible escape assignment.
Don’t escape the prison and enter in this mission to complete the innovative actions of break the jail. Be bold enough to break the prison and make sure that you are away from the reach of all law enforcement agencies of break the jail game. Your slight mistake can prove fatal to your own security to carry out break the jail sneak assault and run thrills of jail break games.

Bring on light all realities of jailbreak games and tell to all people of jail escape games that the prison punishment of your jail hero is based on false assumptions. Provide your super character of gun games to come out from jail to again work for the progress and prosperity of the people of prisoners.

Grand Prison Escape: Transform Human Robot features:

* Fully constructed jail boundary.
* Operational security system.
* High profile security officials.
* Laser guided search lights.
* Genuine jail breaking campaign.
* Automated security controls.
* Practical jail escape mission.
* Adventurous striking mission.

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