PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool

PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool

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Играйте на ПК с BlueStacks – игровой платформе для приложений на Android. Нас выбирают более 500 млн. игроков.

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Особенности игры

The tool which makes the smart phone a sleep by touch operation.
An icon of Fleet girls a message are shown to Notification. Tap Notification, a smartphone does a sleep.
This app is the tool which made Fleet girls in KanColle a subject. Please enjoy a lovely icon and a message from Fleet girls.

< b> feature
✓ By touch operation, sleep (It isn't necessary to press power switch.)
✓ An icon of Fleet girls is shown to a notify area (status bar).
✓ A message from Fleet girls is indicated.
✓ The app screen which is being operated can be made a sleep while maintaining it.
✓ Safety and relief A route right, it's unnecessary and there is also no advertisement indication.

< b> How to use
1 An app is started and a secretary ship is chosen.
2 "Yes", tap
2 When a tap notifify of Fleet girl from a notify drawer, it'll be a sleep.

After release, the device administrator is uninstalled.
Please read help for more information.

*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
- When using finger print recognition, I think I need the input which is PIN at the time of sleep release.
- During carrying out KanColle Android edition, I don't move. Please return it to a home and carry out.

Свернуть Узнать больше

Играйте в игру PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool на ПК. Это легко и просто.

  • Скачайте и установите BlueStacks на ПК.

  • Войдите в аккаунт Google, чтобы получить доступ к Google Play, или сделайте это позже.

  • В поле поиска, которое находится в правой части экрана, введите название игры – PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool.

  • Среди результатов поиска найдите игру PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool и нажмите на кнопку "Установить".

  • Завершите авторизацию в Google (если вы пропустили этот шаг в начале) и установите игру PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool.

  • Нажмите на ярлык игры PoffX a la mode *Kancolle tool на главном экране, чтобы начать играть.

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