Ball Sort Master - Hint & Sort

Ball Sort Master - Hint & Sort

Puzzle | kasurdev

500M + oyuncunun güvendiği Android Oyun Platformu, BlueStacks ile PC'de oynayın.

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Sort balls in tubes with HINTS. Smooth, fast and relaxing free ball puzzle game.

If your are looking for a unique version of ball sort puzzle game then you are in right place.

★★★ HINTS - this ball sort puzzle uses artificial intelligence to find the best next move. Use hint to sort ball. It is very helpful in harder levels and allow you to finish all levels. No need to skip level - just think, use hint wisely and solve all ball sort levels. Unique feature comparing to other water sort or ball sort games.

Or.. don't use hints and sort ball by your own. Try to solve all logic puzzles and get rewards.

SAFE STATE - if there are no more moves you will be directed to the place in board where sorting balls is still possible.

UNDO - you can undo your every move.

STEPS - finish level in less steps and get more rewards.

EXTRA TUBE - as it says - adds extra tube and makes ball levels easier.

SAVING - your puzzle game progress is saved automatically. If you are in hurry just close the game. Next time you run ball game you will start from your last sorting balls position.

THEMES - lots of cool themes. Choose your, for a day, for night or any other ocassion. You can choose between black theme, white theme or even the pink one :)

How to play

• Tap tube to select ball.
• Tap another tube to move selected ball.

Easy gameplay? :)


You can place only the same color ball on top of each other. Try to find empty tubes first and move balls there. I am sure you will find your best way to sort balls. There is no one solution to sort color balls!

You can always go back (select levels icon) to previous levels and fix your steps record.

You can also restart every ball level.

Few more things

There is no time limit.
There are no lifes.
Lots of solvable levels.
One finger control or.. do it with many fingers :)
Offline game, no WiFi, no internet required to sort balls.
Free and easy to play.
Unique and addictive gameplay.

Please let me know about any issue. I am still working on the game and I am open for any suggestions.

Enjoy and let the balls be with you! :)

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