Seven Hearts Stories

Seven Hearts Stories

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Play Seven Hearts Stories on PC

Seven Hearts Stories is a collection of visual novels where the player is given the choice to influence the plot.

Have you ever dreamed of living the path of the main character determining his fate yourself? In this mobile game you can...
❤ Customise your character's appearance from a wide variety of wardrobe choices!
❤ Start romantic relationships with characters from the game and go on dates with them!
❤ Make choices that affect the plot and get a unique ending!
❤ Collect unique stats and CGs to brighten the game progress!
❤ Choose from a variety of game genres based on your own preference!

Choose one of our stories that you want to start from the following list:

Legend of the Celestials - The main character, one of the inhabitants of the heavenly world, goes to the human world to participate in a festival dedicated to the gods. But she violates the Rule of Heaven, so there’s no turning back to the heaven’s chancellery forever. Will she be able to return home?

The Villain’s Last Wish - The enigmatic stranger gave Elise a chance for a new life. From the joyless reality, full of disappointments, she was transported into a book. Now the heroine’s life is like a fairy tale. She is surrounded by princes and the luxury of the imperial palace. The dream has come true, but Elise finds herself in the body of the hated villain. Will she be able to change her fate?

The Era of Fate - The story of a chosen one who wakes up in a cave after five hundred years and doesn’t remember her past. She is the last mage and the fate of the future civilisation of this world is placed in her hands, because there’s long forgotten power within her.
The list of stories continues to grow, so stay tuned!

Collect hearts together with Seven Hearts Stories and enjoy your stay in our games. ❤

Играйте в игру Seven Hearts Stories на ПК. Это легко и просто.

  • Скачайте и установите BlueStacks на ПК.

  • Войдите в аккаунт Google, чтобы получить доступ к Google Play, или сделайте это позже.

  • В поле поиска, которое находится в правой части экрана, введите название игры – Seven Hearts Stories.

  • Среди результатов поиска найдите игру Seven Hearts Stories и нажмите на кнопку "Установить".

  • Завершите авторизацию в Google (если вы пропустили этот шаг в начале) и установите игру Seven Hearts Stories.

  • Нажмите на ярлык игры Seven Hearts Stories на главном экране, чтобы начать играть.

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