Underwater Bubble Breaker


Son Güncelleme 11 Haziran 2018

400M + oyuncunun güvendiği Android Oyun Platformu, BlueStacks ile PC'de oynayın.

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You went for a swim in the water but as you made your way through the ocean you found your path being blocked by bubbles that just won’t move! So what do you do? Pop them of course! This Underwater Bubble Breaker game will put your puzzle solving skills to the test and see just how fast and how much you can score!

Playing this free bubble breaker game is simple but mastering it is a whole another story! The longer you play the harder it gets which means even if you’ve played it for hours you’ll still find yourself to be continuously challenged. This means you’ll never feel tired of playing this game, again and again, making it the perfect way to pass time.

Why You’ll Love It?
• Features bright and fun colors that you won’t get tired of anytime soon
• Perfect for all ages including children and adults
• Slowly increasing difficulty so you always feel challenged
• Conveniently placed undo and restart button to help you strategize
• No internet required – play when you want where you want

So stop waiting and download today to enjoy countless hours of fun and entertainment!

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