Призыв Опардина Верховода, суперрейды и другие новости от Raid: Shadow Legends

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To summon a new hero from particles, Opardin the Supreme Leader, you will need to take part in special events and tournaments. The new hero belongs to the Barbarian faction and is a strong legendary character. 

The function of the hero is health, the element is Magic. 

Призыв Опардина Верховода, суперрейды и другие новости от Raid: Shadow Legends

Opardin the Supreme Leader is endowed with excellent health, his quantity is enough for the most difficult battles and confrontation with powerful enemies. The hero skillfully heals and protects his team, among the useful skills is the ability to fill the team’s progress bar and remove penalties from allies.

Among the events in which players will be able to obtain new character particles are Hero Training, Artifact Upgrade, Dungeon Run, and Mass Summon. 

You also need to get particles in the following tournaments: 

  • Spiders Tournament
  • Dragon Tournament
  • Collection replenishment tournament
  • Battles in Arena I
  • Hero Training Tournament
  • Lava Knight Tournament
  • Ice Golem Tournament
  • Battles in Arena II

According to the results of each tournament, the most skillful players who took first and second places will receive an additional 5 hero particles as a reward. 

Those players who can systematically conquer the top ratings will be able to get a total of up to 155 hero particles by the end of the series of tournaments. 

Participation in each tournament is optional, you can independently choose those in which the player will participate. The exact time of the tournaments can be viewed in the tournaments and events window.


According to information from the developers, several super raids are planned for the next week: 

  • January 24 super raids in Lava Knight Castle
  • On January 27, super raids are planned on the Ice Golem Plateau

Each event will run for 72 hours. 

Super raids are a great event that adds variety and significantly speeds up the gameplay.

Game add-ons

Одно из последних необычных игровых изменений — Руда Хаоса. Иногда будет проще не тратить силы на новую битву за Артефакт с высокой редкостью, а использовать вместо этого Руду Хаоса. Новинка позволит перековать любой Артефакт и поменять его параметры. 

Один Артефакт можно будет изменить посредством Руды Хаоса только один раз. 

Руда Хаоса бывает нескольких видов:

  • 6* Легендарная Руда Хаоса
  • 5* Легендарная Руда Хаоса
  • 6* Эпическая Руда Хаоса
  • 5* Эпическая Руда Хаоса

Каждый вид руды используется для изменения Артефакта конкретного ранга и определенной редкости (только для Артефактов 5*, 6*). 

Призыв Опардина Верховода, суперрейды и другие новости от Raid: Shadow Legends

На данном этапе Руду Хаоса можно будет получить преимущественно в турнирах и событиях, а также в рамках ограниченно действующих предложений. 

Доступная игроку руда будет находиться в Хранилище Руды.

Another game change concerns the Boss — in particular, the Skull Lord Var-Gall. Many players have noted that Var-Gall is more successful in battles against the Scarab King. This is due to a recent change to his passive ability that reduces the opponent’s maximum health. This change was made to more accurately maintain game balance.

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