CompactO - Idle Game

CompactO - Idle Game

Strategy | CryptoGrounds Games LLC

Graj na PC z BlueStacks – Platforma gamingowa Android, która uzyskała zaufanie ponad 500 milionów graczy!

Strona zmodyfikowana w dniu: 26 lipca 2021

Funkcje Gry

CompactO is an idle game based on creating colorful squares on your planes and earning money. Unlock the 3D Realm to unlock more planes to, you guessed it, create even more squares! Infuse your planes into cubes to make as much money as possible! The more shapes, the more money, oh we love money!

CompactO is the most satisfying and colorful incremental game!

Simplistic - Simple and colorful interface.
Big Numbers - Up to the e100s is guaranteed!
Lots of Content - Lots of places to unlock that make numbers grow!
Made With Love - This game is being worked on by a solo developer who is very passionate!

(NEW!) Cloud Saving - Transfer your saves to any device with just one login!
(NEW!) Modding & Multi-Saves - Create multiple saves with customizable modifiers that make the game slower or even faster!

Squares - Create colorful squares that make in-game money!
Prestige - There are several types of prestiges to experience!
3D Realm - Unlock planes within worlds to create even more squares and different types of money!
Automation - There are a ton of ways to automate the game and let it play for you!
Upgrades - There are a ton of upgrades to buy and make progress even faster!
Shrinkenator! - Earn cubes and shrink them to make even more!

(NEW!) Mega Lands! - A whole layer of content with even more squares!
(NEW!) Skilling! - Level up 7 skills and earn different kinds boosts!
(NEW!) Fractals! - Enter the world of Fractals that make the game harder to earn additional boosts!
(NEW!) The Lab! - Enter a new realm and research up to 25 discoveries!

Play CompactO today and see how many squares you can create for only $2.99!

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