Poppy Play: Hide and Seek

Poppy Play: Hide and Seek

Casual | Apus Game

Chơi trên PC với BlueStacks - Nền tảng chơi game Android, được hơn 500 triệu game thủ tin tưởng.

Trang đã được sửa đổi vào: 30 tháng 12, 2021

Tính năng trò chơi

Enjoy Poppy Playtime game characters and thrilling prop hunt gameplay in one of the best hide and seek games on the market.
If you ever know about Poppy Play, Poppy Horror and you are a big fan of prop hunt hide and seek games, then it's play time for you to hop in and have fun with this game.
Don't let huggy wuggy catch you, he will lock you in his Poppy Play cage. If other hiders find out where you are, it’s not gonna end well. So, go hide and go seek before you’re found!
In this prop hunt game Poppy Play: Hide and Seek, your roles are both a seeker and a hider. You will need to move around, find yourself suitable shelters to hide from Poppy, while at the same time go seek other hiders to eliminate them. If you get caught by other hiders, you will be eliminated.
Hide behind the walls, run around anywhere to stay away from huggy wuggy Poppy and other hiders’ vision range. Direct your vision to others to eliminate them with a knife. It will be so much fun!
Poppy Playtime - Hide N Seek game’s amazing features:
• Fun, relaxing and addictive.
• Thrilling run-around as seeker and hider.
• Hide n seek with Poppy in very beautiful 3D visuals.
• Object hunt, prop hunt combine with classic Hide n Seek gameplay.
• Hide yourself and eliminate others by your own way.
• High performance gaming experience with smooth movement.
The endless joy is waiting for you. Let's start your thrilling journey with this brand new object hunt game Poppy Play: Hide and Seek!

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