Super Model Growth Diary


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Do you want to be a highly anticipated fashion model? Welcome to the Supermodel Growth Diary to help you grow and realize your dream! This is a fashion dressing party. There will be most exciting beauty contests. From a mass election, you can make a most beautiful resume to obtain qualification for participating in the contests, and the final winner will become famous.
Models from all over the world will gather here. Just look forward to your performance. If you want to be a superstar, you shall pass various quiz competitions, the preliminary contest and the final contest. Are you nervous, and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, your agent will assist you to half the work with double results, and you will show best you out!

1. An agent will create a most potential contestant according to fashion trends.
2. Prepare most special resume, and touch judges.
3. Select and match different makeups and dressings to amaze all audiences.
4. Pass the preliminary and final contests.
5. Grow to be a top model; match most beautiful dresses, shoes and jewelries.
6. Obtain product represent rights, and try different styles.
7. Decorate and design your favorite house.

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