Bombsquad: Bomber Battle

Bombsquad: Bomber Battle


Graj na PC z BlueStacks – Platforma gamingowa Android, która uzyskała zaufanie ponad 500 milionów graczy!

Strona zmodyfikowana w dniu: 25 listopada 2020

Funkcje Gry

Bombsquad: Bomber Battle is a new free version of classic adventure game developed from the bomb with new characters, graphics , gameplay. This game with a multi levels to explore will bring you a lot of fun and interest.

The bomber has to place bombsquad to destroy all obstacles , monsters by putting the enemy in a trap then bomb blast and the enemy will be killed.
Collect power-ups to blast your way through classic battle mode in this classic game - bomb games.

Taking your skills involves strategically placing a bombbomb - bombs quad to blow up your opponents with the new arcade games.
- Excellent gameplay which is completely similar to a computer - old games in childhood.
- Attractive battle bomb games with over 500 challenging levels to be a true hero.
- Over 20+ Maps for you to explore the word of bomber grounds, bumble friends.
- Variety of power up items to improve your strength : get more powerful bombs and skills for easily passing difficult levels and blowing away the enemy.
- An old-school arcade game with high quality pixels.
- Classic bomber style, different gameplay multiplayer games or multiplayer games with friends.
- Controls polished for touchscreen in this offline game.
- Bomber Battle is a fun action-puzzle game, free game, strategy gameplay, bomber friends also.
- Fantasy booster items such as: Soft Block Pas, Shield Vest, Extra Live.
- A lot of bonuses: quantity of bomb, acceleration, increase in power of explosion shawky.
- BOSS battle with tension and challenge : they have a horrible skill bam and special moves for bombers.
- This game is free played offline and does not require an internet connection.
- This is a simple offline game, familiar images on pc, legendary and popular games of almost all ages from 5 to over 45 years old.

- Press the button to place the bomb.
- Let the bomber avoid enemies and bomb blast.
- Catch gifts and bonuses to make players stronger, faster and get more lives.
- Use bombsquad to blow up blocks that clutter up the level and to defeat your opponents.
After destroying all monsters, break bricks to open the door hidden under the brick to get in and pass the level.

Now, it is time to live in childhood memory, become a hero in this classic action new version of : Bombsquad: Bomber Battle

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