Minimalist Land™ - Quest&Building&Offline RPG

Minimalist Land™ - Quest&Building&Offline RPG

Role Playing | OFE Studio

Graj na PC z BlueStacks – Platforma gamingowa Android, która uzyskała zaufanie ponad 500 milionów graczy!

Strona zmodyfikowana w dniu: 20 listopada 2020

Funkcje Gry

◈Game Features◈
【simple operation Save your inflexible fingers】
You just need to click all along in the whole game
Attacking-monster&Upgrade and Logging&Mining, all you need is to click

【Unique map Various ways to play】
Dozens of maps, each has a unique way to play
Adventure, solving puzzles, hunting, love, inference, farming and so on, develops in a way that you can't imagine

【Traditional plot Brainwashing punch lines】
Happy and traditional RPG story, each character has a different personality. As well as various punch lines...
How many punch lines can you get? And what kind of brainwashing plots will be derived?

【Diverse interactions Hidden Easter eggs】
All elements can interact? Enemies, NPC, and even meadows can interact?
Empty treasure chests can be opened? The door can be opened by making phone calls? A few more clicks on the grass,and there may come Slimes?

【Restore territory Building the castle】
To explore the world and plant flags all over the land! Bring back everything that can be moved by the way!
To repair and upgrade the abandoned castle step by step...The smithy, training ground and library, to build everything that can be built!

◈Story Background◈
"Your Highness, the kingdom has been destroyed,the important task of restoring the kingdom is left to you"
Not interested, excuse me, find someone better qualified...
"To restore our kingdom, first of all, we need to find the missing twelve princesses!"
It seems that there's no one else better qualified than me to take the task of restoring the kingdom
The adventurer who specialized in hunting Goblins?
The brave little hat who was good at solving puzzles?
The cat who hunted dragons with big blade?
The black cat who stole treasures and Joker?
The little girl who yelled against in court?
What the hell is this world?!!

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