Skyturns - Parkour Running Game

Skyturns - Parkour Running Game

Arcade | Skyturns

Chơi trên PC với BlueStacks - Nền tảng chơi game Android, được hơn 500 triệu game thủ tin tưởng.

Trang đã được sửa đổi vào: 23 tháng 11, 2019

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Skyturns is a flow based game built for mastery. Each level is a new challenge and you can always run a bit faster. ⚡️

You will have to retry the most difficult levels repeatedly but if you focus and absorb yourself in the game you will enter flow. In flow the movements of the runner will become an extension of yourself and you will run the lines with incredible speed and agility. That is mastery, much like peaceful meditation. 👼

A core gameplay feature is the timing of your jumps and slides and the movement of the runner in levels. The better you play the faster the stickman runs, creating a challenging depth for speedrunning. ⏱⏩

As you progress in the game the tracks become harder and more difficult. Are you one of the toughest runners out there and will you be skilled enough to master one of the hardest running games? 🏆

Some platforming games are easy, this one is harder. 🏋🏽‍♀️

To survive in this game you have to develop your concentration, fine motor skills, and dexterity as well as your memory and determination. When things come together it’s perfection. ⭐️

The art and artistics of the game is clean and simple, something that gives focus to the quality gameplay that Skyturns delivers. The core gameplay is deceptively simple but provides immense depth and endless replayability. 🎮

Feel the motion of the runner as he smoothly, drift, slide, drop, and rise with the heartbeat of the level. Improve your movement, focus, and flow to achieve your full potential in this well made free parkour game. ✅

Can you become a professional grandmaster of the game? Download and play the free game right now! 🤟

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