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Dernière mise à jour November 8, 2019

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The Skylanders are back. And so are you!

How about one more epic adventure side by side with the incredible Skylanders?! Join your favorite characters in an epic journey to collect more than 80 different figures from 10 distinct elements and awaken your very own Skylanders for the first time to make them even stronger than before! Play Skylanders™: Ring of Heroes on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and equip your creatures with different runes, summon new Skylanders and Villains that look alike and are willing to fight by your side and many other new and exclusive features that await for you! Learn how to use the elements to get the advantage and knock down your enemies, leaving them defenseless and completely at your mercy. Experience the rich and unique world of Skylanders™ and give your personal touch to it right now! Download Skylanders™: Ring of Heroes on PC with BlueStacks and match your characters to create your own team with unique skills and abilities!

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Pourquoi jouer à Skylanders: Ring of Heroes sur BlueStacks?

Lire à propos des bonus spéciaux disponibles pour Skylanders: Ring of Heroes lors de l'utilisation de BlueStacks 4

Configuration des touches du clavier

Apprenez à améliorer vos compétences grâce à une configuration spéciale des touches de votre clavier!


Jouer avec plusieurs comptes en utilisant BlueStacks Multi-instance

Quelle est la meilleure configuration de touches pour ce jeu?

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Skylanders: Ring of Heroes est un jeu qui illustre la volonté que BlueStacks a mis dans le développement de commandes intuitives et réactives au clavier.

Les contrôles par défaut fournis avec le jeu par BlueStacks ont été personnalisés par des joueurs comme vous après des jours de tests et d’optimisation.

Dans le cas où vous sentez que les contrôles ne vous conviennent pas, vous pouvez facilement configurer vos contrôles personnels et jouer au jeu de la manière dont vous souhaitez.

Que sont les XPack?

Jouez à  Skylanders: Ring of Heroes sur PC 14
Item Cet XPack
Graphismes, vitesse et performance optimisées
Configuration des touches du clavier
Mode Battle Royale
Contenu personnalisé

Comment jouer et diffuser

Comment jouer à Skylanders: Ring of Heroes sur un PC

  • 1 Téléchargez BlueStacks et lancez le programme d'installation
  • 2 Terminez la configuration unique
  • 3 Skylanders: Ring ... Allez dans la barre de recherche se trouvant dans le coin supérieur droit et recherchez Skylanders: Ring of Heroes
  • 4 Cliquez sur l'icône, puis cliquez sur Installer dans l'écran Google Play.
  • 5 Une fois l'installation terminée, cliquez sur l'icône Skylanders: Ring of Heroes dans l'onglet Mes Applications
  • 6 Tout est fait! Profitez de jouer sur votre PC.

How about seeing all your favorite characters and creatures reunited into just one place? Even better: how about if this planet is the most powerful and fastest gaming engine ever created in history, the new and improved BlueStacks 4? Download Skylanders™: Ring of Heroes on Windowds 7, 8, 10 with BlueStacks and make your characters even more powerful, by having incredible features to count with, like the Keymapping tool, in which you can customize your entire set of commands or even choose between pre-set schemes, previously arranged for you. And how about being able to create amazing shortcuts for the sequences of actions you use the most? Do so with the Combo Key macro feature and prepare yourself to save tons of time and precious effort. All of it on the big screen of your PC, with the mouse, the keyboard, and a much more stable internet connection, that will certainly make your experience even smoother. Oh, yes, just one last thing: with the BlueStacks Points, which you collect simply for playing, you can get incredible gamer items as reward. For free!

There are tons of Skylanders™ out there in the web.

How about meeting even more Skylanders™ while you play? Did you know there is a huge place called online gaming community just waiting to welcome you? Play Skylanders™: Ring of Heroes on PC with BlueStacks and stream your game live in no time, with just one click, via Facebook Live, Twitch.TV, Twitter or any other social network you have the habit of using most. Doing this, you get the amazing chance of interacting with other people, making new friends and even learning new tricks. Socialize your game and take your entire experience to a whole new level with BlueStack

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes