Survival Challenge 3D

Survival Challenge 3D

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Graj na PC z BlueStacks – Platforma gamingowa Android, która uzyskała zaufanie ponad 500 milionów graczy!

Strona zmodyfikowana w dniu: 26 października 2021

Funkcje Gry

Are you finding some funny games 3D for relief or get a new experience? Do you like games 3D about challenges, strongman, or superhero? Let’s simulate in the brave man - Raimboo to defeat the enemy and the evil dinosaur monsters that have destroyed the forest and restore peace to the world!! This game is definitely one of the best racing game of 2021 that you cannot miss.

The gameplay of this game is very simple and easy to control. Unlike running man, you will simulate into Raimboo - a skinny man living deep in the forest, a peaceful life with all kinds of animals. But the happy days are over, the whole forest becomes desolate as evil huge monsters attack and destroy everything. Your mission is to run and collect as much protein food or fruits as possible to improve muscle and strength. When you have enough strength and muscle, you will easily defeat huge monsters and rescue animals. On the contrary, if you collect too much harmful food such as needles; they will make Raimboo transform and become more skinny. Maybe he will die before the epic battle begins if he is too skinny. Not only possessing the fighting power of animals but Raimboo is also equipped with advanced weapons. There are many different types of weapons and gun skins that you can choose from. When you win the epic battle, you will get accolade from animals in the forest.

This offline game requires you to control the character running on the track skillfully, overcome dangerous obstacles and collect as much food as possible to improve health, make Raimboo transform into a strongman. Use all the skills you have such as running, jumping, dodging to avoid the obstacles in the forest. When you reach the end of the racing, you will encounter an ugly dinosaur, make sure your bullet is accurate to be able to destroy the dinosaur!

Hold to run and release when you want to stop
Dodge the obstacles
Collect food to increase strength
Shoot the gun to defeat the huge monster

Vibrant, eye-catching design
Bright and sharp 3D graphics, diverse skins
Simple and smooth controls
Exciting and unique challenging levels

This game will entertain you with lively, and extremely effective stress relief! What are you waiting for? Download now and experience it! Moreover, you can share this daily game with your friends and family.

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