School Tycoon - Idle  Game

School Tycoon - Idle Game

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►Create your own school empire to be tycoon!
Interesting and fun school simulation operation,restoring realistic school scenes.
Come & join the school industry, starting from primary school, and become a tycoon!

►Focus on Education, Achieve the Future
Expand the school, add luxury teaching equipment, provide all kinds of facilities and services to ensure that students receive good education and leisure in the college.

►Manage schools from primary to university
Manage the school to gain income and gradually build a school empire. Hire and manage excellent staff to train students efficiently.

►Meet the needs of staff and students, Avoid Student Riots:
· Expand schools, design personalized classrooms, offices, and provide students with the best teaching equipment.
· Focus on every detail to make your students better. Make good use of every penny you get and invest it in the efficient training of students.

As a school tycoon, you must master the following:

►Care For Students
· To avoid sudden riots, you need to meet the various needs of students.
· Improve classroom equipment, kitchen facilities, and food quality;
· Keep the environment clean, build a sports field to provide a comfortable environment for students.
►Manage Schools
· The development of the schools cannot grow without staff cooperation.
· Employ deans, teachers, chefs, and other staffs to contribute.
· Proper management of the school team is Your required course.
►Building Schools
· Upgrade your schools facilities:
· Maintenance room, office, academic office, canteen, etc., to improve the working environment and increase the productivity of your staff.
· Ensuring the supply of water and power is a great knowledge.

· With careful management, more and more students will flood to your schools.
· Listen to the interesting stories in the dialogue of the students and staff.
· Expand your schools to discover different schools on this wonderful planet.

Welcome to your own schools!

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