Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend

Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend

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Tower defense fans ? A new td game is sure to thrill your senses. Galaxy defense requires a legend. Can you be the one?

Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game with Galaxy wars theme. With 100+ maps, 20+ enemy type units, 7 types of towers & 2 game modes, you are looking at one of the best tower defense games and the fastest growing space tower defense galaxy games. Enjoy an exciting Galaxy Legend inspired td game with lots of thrilling moments. As expected in any defense game, in this space tower defense game, smart strategy is needed if you want to dominate and protect the towers. Became the true winner of the galaxy defense war!

Our Tower Defense – Strategy game is unique, especially interesting for the ones looking new generation space td games. With new breakthroughs, success inherited from the previous generation of tower defence and there are dramatic improvements in strategy & Defense game category, we brought a more enjoyable, fun and thrilling experience. You will notice the visual and sound improvements from the first moment you play this Galaxy strategy td game! Anyone loving space tower defense games is sure to adore Tower Defense: The TD Galaxy Legend 2018.

For the ones that enjoy galaxy td games with many campaigns and maps, we have great news! You are sure to enjoy our defense game free because of the 100+ maps. Unexpected, fun, thrilling and definitely impressive, each of the td games campaigns will require your best strategy defense skills. Or you can play endless tower defense games for free, don’t forget we have 2 game modes for the real tower defense games fans! You choose!

It’s all about weapons in Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend 2018. Our weapon systems have been investing a lot of gray matter, each weapon has different functions and using weapons on time is the key strategy to win in Defender game. So, explore the weapons and use them strategically smart. Don’t rush through it and manage your funds smartly to dominate the free strategy tower defense game. As in most of strategy games thinking through your actions will be key to dominate the td game!

Like in any of the best tower defence games and defense strategy games in Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend 2018, players must use Tactical and Strategic defense in each level to win. Each level is different so anticipate it fast and smartly use the tools and weapons to win it and stop the enemy from destroying your towers. Sometimes smart and fast thinking may lead for you to win the td game – so be focused and think steps ahead. Galaxy defense can become exceedingly harder, especially with the numerous and amazingly dangerous enemies units.

.: Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend 2018 Features :.

+ 100 maps Campaign levels & enjoy the endless mode!
+ 20+ types of enemy units
+ 7 types of towers, Gun Machine, Slow Tower, Missile tower, Laser tower, Power Tower, Ice tower, Lighting tower & 4 Evolution levels.
+ Free combination of all turrets.
+ 2 game modes: Campaign& Endless.
+ You may Unlock & upgrade more power of your tower, which will offer you more fun
+ One of the most unique td free games available to play online for Android
PLEASE NOTE! This td game is free to play and made by people who love tower defense games. We hope you will enjoy every second and truly have exciting fun with Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend.

Look for a fresh challenge in a new tower defence 2018 unique game.
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Tower Defense: Galaxy LegendをPCでプレイ

  • BlueStacksをダウンロードしてPCにインストールします。

  • GoogleにサインインしてGoogle Play ストアにアクセスします。(こちらの操作は後で行っても問題ありません)

  • 右上の検索バーにTower Defense: Galaxy Legendを入力して検索します。

  • クリックして検索結果からTower Defense: Galaxy Legendをインストールします。

  • Googleサインインを完了してTower Defense: Galaxy Legendをインストールします。※手順2を飛ばしていた場合

  • ホーム画面にてTower Defense: Galaxy Legendのアイコンをクリックしてアプリを起動します。