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ロールプレイング | Com2uS Holdings Corporation

BlueStacksを使ってPCでプレイ - 5憶以上のユーザーが愛用している高機能Androidゲーミングプラットフォーム

ページ更新日: 2023/05/15


TALION is a role-playing game developed by Com2uS Holdings Corporation. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android Game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Download TALION on PC with BlueStacks.

In the 3D MMORPG, explore new kingdoms and shield them from the devastation of war. Along the way, you’ll engage in battle after battle and team up with one of the two opposing factions in an effort to put an end to the conflict between the two rival kingdoms.

This multiplayer role-playing game combines elements from other popular games like Black Desert and is entirely online. Its controllers are dynamic and very straightforward. Additionally, you can automate your actions so that your character automatically throws a quick punch at approaching enemies without you having to continuously tap the screen.

By the way, you can alter your hero’s appearance and accessories at will right from the start of the game. Any NPC may appear and offer you various missions to complete. If you successfully complete their quest without dying, you will earn experience points that you can later use to buy new, more effective weapons to use in battle.

Download TALION on PC with BlueStacks and start playing.


  • BlueStacksをダウンロードしてPCにインストールします。

  • GoogleにサインインしてGoogle Play ストアにアクセスします。(こちらの操作は後で行っても問題ありません)

  • 右上の検索バーにヴェンデッタを入力して検索します。

  • クリックして検索結果からヴェンデッタをインストールします。

  • Googleサインインを完了してヴェンデッタをインストールします。※手順2を飛ばしていた場合

  • ホーム画面にてヴェンデッタのアイコンをクリックしてアプリを起動します。