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ページ更新日: 2023/05/14

Play 崩壊3rd on PC

[S-rank Battlesuit | The Ultimate Doom]
What she showed is that it is a must-have step for humanity to overcome the apocalypse and embrace the future.
"This "genuine" is an achievement that everyone fights against... I'll save it properly."
A new ruler, The Endless Ruler has arrived!
Imaginary type character. Fights in aerial combat, dealing massive amounts of fire damage to enemies. When there is a "Ruler of Origin" and a "Ruler of Truth" within the team, the "Join Special" can be activated.

【S-rank Battlesuit | Origins】
She, along with all her friends, will go beyond the "fate" that the pioneers couldn't cross.
“Defend humanity as a ruler —— that’s the choice of lightning buds.”
New S-rank character "Rage of Origin" has appeared!
Imaginary type character. Uses his polished swordsmanship, causing massive lightning damage to enemies. The special move can activate continuous slash in any direction.

【New story and tomorrow】
"After all, the pods are only your mirrors."
"The way you hug humanity is that the pods will hug humanity."
Main story chapter 35 update. Participate in main story events and receive rewards such as: equipment supply tickets x5, Outskirts Seaport "Take on Home", exclusive "Twinkle Ambitious Flowers" outfits, and crystals.

【The source of the event】
If you clear the specified main story during the event period, you will get a "Original Ruler" character card x1 and a "Heart of Provenance" selection box x1.

[Anniversary Event Feast of the Moon, Chapter of Hope]
Participate in the 7-day login event and you will get rewards such as: exclusive supply ticket x10, equipment supply ticket x10, S-rank Battle Otome selection box x1, commemorative holy mark "Kiana Anna (B)" and others.
Anniversary total consumption event is held. Consuming crystals will replenish yourself with rewards such as "The Fire-breathing Ruler" exclusive costume: "Lightning Celestial Flower", character's card of the Fire-wood Flame Lord, Sign of Evolution .
First-time charge 2X campaign will be reset, and anniversary anniversary replenishments will be planned. Besides, firepower is also held for a limited time.

【Event Singular Holiday Symphony :||】
Participate in events and get rewards such as the "Lost Rose Marie" new outfit "When the Woods are journeyed", Crystal x600, Rabbit Medal of Hom, and Medal of Moonlight and Night.

[Equipment Update | New Armed Doll]
Weapons "The Nameless Key", "The Key of Infinity" & The Ultimate Weapon "The Nameless!: The Point of All things", "The Bare of Infinity" is the purest of self!
Also, the new Sacred Set, "Name is Ending", and "Name is Origins" will be implemented!
A brand new armed doll "Kiana Kasalana" has arrived! Act as an element supporter of lightning, flames!

◆Simple world view and story
The story of a girl called Valkyries who faces the unknown power of Honkai.
Gorgeous CG and animations, and voices of gorgeous voices make your story dramatic.

“Collect”… The unknown power of once civilization of humanity’s civilization… now descended into this peaceful world again.

Around B.C2000, a civilization of humanity suddenly collapsed by the cataclysm.
After that, due to the regular flooding, people have repeated the history of building and civilizing civilization.
The long-lasting battle with "Honkai" exhausted the land and mutated "Honkai Beasts" began to appear in all over the world. Those who survived were founded by a "genius organization", trying to find a way to avoid doomsday.
As a result, we have confirmed the "breakdown" from the mutation of creatures to their disappearance, and the existence of the "Holy Scratch" with power against it.

Three years ago, the biggest disaster in the history of collapse, called the ‘III’s Collapse” has fallen into the city of Long Sky, the far east home to Kiana Kasalana.
Kiana, who inherited the Kas Lana family's blood with collapse and deep connection, was escaped from the infection, but the consequences were so serious that they left a big wound in their hearts.
With a mother who lost her mother in every battle, and lost to her father, Kiana decided to face "Honkai" and got on the battleship Hyperion of "Valkyries Unit".

◆ Featuring an All-Star Voice Cast (unlimited order of the gozen)
Roki Aoki, Satomi Akirazaka, Momo Akira, Akira Kashishi, Ashinari Ishin, Akira Ishiha, Shiori Ize, Ryo Ise, Marie Ito, Jun Iwaue, Jungle Kazeka, Akira Ohkubo, Ikuyo Ohya , Ayashi Ohashi, Miho Oka, Aki Kaneda, Ayashi Kawamura, Tamashi Kimura, Real lottery King, Kogara, Sunabashi Kobayashi, Yu Kobayashi, Yuichi Kobayashi, Samurai Samurai, Takashi Sakurai, Miyaki Shiro and Senoichi , Yu Nakamura, Takashi Takeshi, Takeshi Takeshi, Takeshi Akira, Tsubasa TAKA, Atsumi Ta, Yumura Tamura, Tange Sakura, Tetsushi Terashi, Nao Toshiyama, Megumi Toyokan, Akira Toyoaki, Chie Nakamura, Chikiko Noto and Shizomi REWARD, AGAIN, GAME, HIDAKA GHO, SHIHINO, SHIHIRO, Hoshi, HOSASHIYO, HYOEI, Nagi

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