Sin City Detective – Hidden Objects

Sin City Detective – Hidden Objects

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There's been a series of mysterious murders in the Sin City and you, the homicide detective, have a key role to play in this adventure!
Look for underlying motives, interrogate suspects, pursue criminals by police car, and search the crime scenes. You have a chance to change the Sin City! What will you do? Investigate murders to punish the perpetrators, or take the opportunity to head the criminals in your city?

Exciting game for newcomers in the hidden objects style:
🔎Murder investigation.
Feel like a real detective: conduct surveillance, find evidence to interrogate a suspect, chase the criminals, and, of course, rack your brains over the search of ulterior motives or evidence!

🔎Interesting characters.
In the process of crimes investigation, you will have to find and get acquainted with dozens of Sin City’s residents!

🔎Help with finding the objects.
Finding evidence at a crime scene is essential for a successful investigation. However, even if you're new to this kind of games, there's an option to facilitate the search process for faster progress in the story.

🔎Colorful crime scenes.
A search for evidence can lead you to a ship or a yard! You will have to search for items on the underground sweepstakes or brothels, find evidence in a pet store or a giant fridge! The search will be not only exciting, but also stunning!

🔎Finding the connection of all evidence in a crime.
Every piece of evidence is important for progress in a case. New evidence can radically reverse the current version of detectives. Evidence can fill a gap in the investigation. Some evidence can be fake! At the end of the investigation, you will have to find a connection between all the proofs you found and make a consistent picture of the crime.

🔎True detective friendship.
Other players can help you with your investigation. Searching for evidence and solving mysterious crimes make much more fun if you do them in a company!

🔎Memory, attentiveness, and erudition improvement.
Solving puzzles, logic games, and searching for objects serve as an excellent training for brains.

🔎Free game.
Exciting adventure Sin City Detective – Hidden Objects - is available free of charge.

Players with experience in “hidden objects” games will be interested too:
🔎Different object search modes.
Search for evidence in the dark, search for paired evidence, search for evidence within a set period of time, search with closing evidence, search-puzzles, or search for evidence with scores. Modes make it difficult to find the evidence and investigation becomes a tough task even for experienced detectives!

🔎Daily tasks.
In addition to murder investigations, the game offers you to develop your skills in finding the evidence by performing specific tasks three times a day!

Other detectives will look on you with admiring envy when they learn about your progress in investigation and finding the objects!

In addition to plot investigations in the game, there are also special tasks for the most talented detectives!

🔎Regular updates.
The game is being constantly improved and supplemented! New crimes happen in Sin City regularly, which means there are more and more investigations ahead of you!

If you like exciting stories, investigation of murders, finding connections and regularities, or solving puzzles, then you should definitely install Sin City on your smartphone! Good luck with your investigation, detective!

Sin City Detective – Hidden Objects - can be downloaded for free, but you can also buy virtual items in the game for real money.
Integrated purchases can be disabled in your device settings.

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