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三國志 真戦

三國志 真戦

頭脳系 | Qookka Games

BlueStacksを使ってPCでプレイ - 5憶以上のユーザーが愛用している高機能Androidゲーミングプラットフォーム

ページ更新日: 2022/12/25

Play 三國志 真戦 on PC

With over 80 million downloads worldwide, the Dynasty Warriors: Strategic Edition,

1.5 years from the official launch of Sangokushi True War for the Japanese market!

Previously, the Three Kingdoms series have always been based on strategy elements, but the Dynasty Wars: War is an innovative game that offers the stage of the Three Kingdoms with the ultimate strategy and fairness.

Here, players will be able to experience more advanced strategy clashes along with the familiar gameplay.

Different seasons to play. New content is also waiting on our side!
Here, enjoy the fun of season SLG.

[Battle and Transformation]
New seasons, new elements, new challenges

Every season brings new content, allowing you to play with new specs and new warlords!

"Season" system implemented in the penalties for Penalty! Utilize the effects of the various seasons of spring, autumn, winter and winter to develop a strategy.
The Penalty Warlords of the Season has added a "People" system! You will get tons of PvP and achieve unity.
Hey, heaven, people, all together is an excellent simulation game!

【Recreate history cases】
Scenarios lead your own three kingdoms “History”

In "Sangokushi Wars", you can experience the "TRACK" of each country which is different every season!
There are 6 forces with different properties in the Penalty Season "Gunfight". Experience your time in an era of swarms of supremacy.
In the renewed Season 1, “The Battle of Han Saga”, you will experience the retake of the Yellow Rabbit army during the era and the capture of the Luoyo.

【Unlocked Land, New Aspect】

New maps every new season! Renew maps to recreate history. Experience new terrains and routes!
New land map in Penalty Season "Battle of Red Walls" is here! Recreate the old red-walled battlefield and bring new map content including warports, fleets, and docks!
Never-ending fresh feeling! Keeps you bored!

【Even better opponents】
200vs 200! True peak battle between dragons and tigers.

Players are shuffled through the server integration every new season.
Always new friends will stand your way to unity!
Challenging alliances with those to conquer them! The swarm crossed the sword
True GvG competition. This is the true world for all heroes from ancient to modern world!

[Fair Battlefield]
No VIP, no resource to sell, challenging

No VIP or in-game resource sale! It's all about wisdom!
A true strategy game that keeps the challenge pursued.

[Extreme Organization]
New Season New Warlord! An endless new edition!
The new incident tactics which appear each season, the new warlord tactics. Even more variation of composition!
Allows you to create a general warrior without being hit by the same officer.

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