Lords of Kingdoms

Lords of Kingdoms

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BlueStacksを使ってPCでプレイ - 5憶以上のユーザーが愛用している高機能Androidゲーミングプラットフォーム

最終アップデート 2018年11月10日


Lords of Kingdoms is a multiplayer war strategy game. On a land full of wars and chaos, you inherited a historic small castle. As a king, you need to build and upgrade a variety of buildings to forge your stronghold, and gradually build up a powerful army to defend your castles, or plunder resources from other lords to speed up the development. This online imperia game is very special, it implements fresh and interesting rules, well-designed game mechanics allow you to enjoy the fun of a real war game. Make your kingdoms and castles rise, become the world conqueror, claim your total domination in the age of lords and knights.

This game is a lords mobile game, but it has different versions to support all platforms including mobile phones, mobile pads, PC and web browsers.

Features >>

Friendly tutorial helps you master the game in minutes.
Build and manage your castle, expand your realm or create new towns as you grow.
Four Kingdoms PVE modes: wild land, castle war, expendition and clash of waterdeep.
Rich bonuses and rewards help new players grow fast, they are useful to forge empires.
Plunder resources from other lords & castles or exile them to remote realms.
Plunder only resource points if you want a peaceful life.
Achieve honors in the clash arena to reveal your military power.
Collect crystals to craft artifacts for heroes which improve their power greatly.
Battles videos can be watched in real time, or replay them later.
Form an alliance base to protect your empires.
A lot of legend items to win: dragon shield, giant gloves, Elvenar Helmet, Wind Strider Boots, Star of Warriors, Ring of Camelot and Grepolis Totum etc.
The alliance event logs help organizing attacks easier.
Players in the same alliance can launch rally attacks, this helps weak players to challenge powerful enemies.
The world conquest event for a game world starts in 50 days. Win the clash event to claim your imperia online!

This game can be played from mobile devices, pc browsers or game clients.

About us>>

Email: support@thankgame.com
Website: http://www.thankgame.com

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Lords of KingdomsをPCでプレイ

  • BlueStacksをダウンロードしてPCにインストールします。

  • GoogleにサインインしてGoogle Play ストアにアクセスします。(こちらの操作は後で行っても問題ありません)

  • 右上の検索バーにLords of Kingdomsを入力して検索します。

  • クリックして検索結果からLords of Kingdomsをインストールします。

  • Googleサインインを完了してLords of Kingdomsをインストールします。※手順2を飛ばしていた場合

  • ホーム画面にてLords of Kingdomsのアイコンをクリックしてアプリを起動します。