• Ace the Game with Maximum Comfort

    Make the most of your gameplay with easy and efficient gamepad support on BlueStacks. Just plug-in and enable gamepad auto-detection to dive into your favorite game. You can use your Logitech, PDP, Redgear, Xbox One controllers, or even your PS4 controllers to play. In fact, you can switch between playing with a keypad & mouse or Gamepad with just a few clicks.
  • Console-Quality Xbox Games on your PC

    Stream directly from the cloud with Cloud gaming (beta) and start playing over 150 Xbox games on your PC with BlueStacks. All you need is a good internet connection, a compatible Bluetooth or wired controller, the Xbox Game streaming app, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to access xCloud game streaming with BlueStacks.

How to Enable Native Gamepad Support on BlueStacks?

BlueStacks provides built-in gamepad controls that are enabled by default for games like Minecraft, Modern Combat 5, F1, Mobile Racing, Xbox One games, and more. Here’s how to enable the setting.

  • Launch BlueStacks and open the Settings from the hamburger menu or from the gear icon on the bottom right

  • Select Preferences

  • Go to Game Control settings and Enable Gamepad Detection

  • Now choose between three options for your gamepad, Force On, Force Off, and Auto*

*Force On- Native gamepad controls are turned on

*Force off- Native gamepad controls are turned off

*Auto- Turns on Native gamepad controls if the game provides in-built support

  • Control the Keys, Control the Game

    Make the most of Gamepad Support available exclusively on BlueStacks. Customize your gaming controls for the gamepad with ease to enhance your gameplay. Simply go to Game Guide and Edit Game Controls. What’s more, the Advanced Editor gives you the freedom to select which action you want to perform and assign the gamepad control of your choice.

How to Create/Edit Controls for Games with Gamepad Support from BlueStacks?

  • Launch BlueStacks and open a game of your choice

  • Right-click on the Game controls icon from the side toolbar

  • Drag & drop the control on your game screen from the Controls Editor

  • For advanced controls, right-click on the gamepad control

  • Select the Gamepad option

  • Click on a key (say Tap key) and press a button on your gamepad to assign the action

  • Save the changes to start playing

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