• Track UTC Time Events in Your Timezone

    Convert the event calendar for Rise of Kingdoms and/or State of Survival to your local time with quick and easy UTC conversion on BlueStacks. All you have to do is select your local time from the drop-down menu and done. What’s better is, you can track events with real-time UTC conversion on your screen.
  • Never Miss an In-game Event

    Another useful thing that you can do with this feature on BlueStacks is set reminders and mark events with UTC Time Converter. Simply mark or add them on your Google calendar to get notifications on your phone and PC 10 minutes before the event starts and never miss a thing.
  • Setting Up a Reminder for a Game Event using BlueStacks

    • Launch the UTC converter in-game, enter the event UTC time

    • Select your timezone from the dropdown

    • Click on create a reminder

    • Add a reminder message

    • Select the email address from the drop-down to add to Google calendar

    • Click on ‘SET REMINDER’ and done

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