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Mainkan 1J+ Mainan Android dengan BlueStacks

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Main mainan Android pada PC. Satu langkah ke hadapan.

  • Game Controls

    Use your keyboard and mouse or gamepad to improve your accuracy. Play with BlueStacks' preset game controls or customize your own.

  • Macros

    Create macros for repetitive tasks in your favorite games. Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome faster level-ups!

  • Multi-Instance

    Play multiple games at the same time or play the same game from multiple accounts simultaneously by creating multiple instances on BlueStacks.

  • Multi-Instance Sync

    Reroll faster in Gacha games. Build a kingdom in Strategy games. Replicate everything you do on the main screen in all other instances

  • High FPS

    Keep a better eye on the enemy, act quickly, and kill faster with high Frames Rate in graphics-heavy combat games.

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