Why play Android Games on PC?

Bigger Screen

See every detail of your favorite games on your computer monitor instead of your tiny phone screen

No High-end Mobile Device needed

Play heavy games that require mobile devices with high specifications (RAM, CPU, Display) using an ordinary PC without compromising on performance

Use a Gamepad or Keyboard and Mouse

Touch controls on Mobile can be painful, especially for complex games. Play using a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse controls like any PC game.

Call / Text Interruptions

No more interruptions during critical gameplay moments.

Mobile Battery Issues

Battery life is a big deterrent when playing games on Mobile. Dead Battery = Dead You. Use an Android Gaming Platform for uninterrupted gameplay.

Improved Visibility

Stop covering half of the screen with your thumbs.

Improved Accuracy

No more inaccurate moves due to accidental screen touches. Play with 100% accuracy using intuitive Keyboard and Mouse controls.

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