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[Jump into the Action]
- Deceptively simple rules make gameplay easy to understand yet difficult to master!
- Free-to-play with no additional downloads!

[Limitless Strategy]
- Combos before cards! Create your own strategies!
- Three card classes and three card elements to combine for unlimited strategies!

[350 Unique Pixel Art Characters]
- Collect and upgrade up to 350 unique cards to create the strongest deck!
- Spice up your strategies with unique leader/passive skills!

[Endless Adventure]
- Become the hero Merlin and save a kingdom in peril!
- Play your cards right in the Goblin Mine to receive special rewards!
- Enter the Arena and battle monsters with a randomly drafted deck!
- Fight epic monsters in the Red Mountains!
- Battle the strange creations of dark experiments in the Mad Graduate Student's Lab!

[Official Community]
- STOVE: http://page.onstove.com/arcanestraight/ca/main
- FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/pg/1980482618873253

[Contacting Customer Service]
- help_arcane@smilegate.com
- Game Settings > STOVE > Customer Service

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