BlueStacks Is Light And Fast Software

The Fastest Mobile Gaming PC Software

Enjoy graphic intensive games on PC.

Running the latest version of Android, BlueStacks uses 35% less of your CPU and 30% less ram than older versions

Keyboard & Mouse

Use Your Keyboard & Mouse

Start playing your favorite mobile games with pro-gamer created keyboard setups ready to use when you load your game

Open And Play Games Simultaneously

Don’t limit yourself to one game on mobile or other Android Emulators.

Simultaneously play multiple games at once using BlueStack’s Multi-Instance.

Play your favorite mobile games side by side at the same time

BlueStacks Is Secure

BlueStacks Is Safe

BlueStacks is designed to safeguard your data so you don’t experience account hijacking, data brokerage, credit card & identity theft like other companies’ users have experienced.

We strive to never sell data to third parties or to ad networks


How much does BlueStacks cost?

There is no charge to use BlueStacks to game.

You’ll cover your own in-game purchases, subscriptions, paid games, etc.

What’s the point of using BlueStacks instead of other things?

Because BlueStacks is optimized for your pc and constantly improving.

Millions of users login everyday to BlueStacks to gain a competitive advantage and play multiple games at once