Features & Details

---------Idle Gameplay & Casual Entertainment---------
Glory Sword is a unique Idle RPG game packed with lots of adventures along with countless powerful MONSTER challenges. Need to Study/Work or am Tired? Don’t Worry! Forget about hours of grinding and resting your sore fingers. Instantly Level Up your Character by 99 levels with just few hours! The Reward is yours with absolutely zero effort!

---------Outfits & Wings---------
In Glory Sword, all the weapons can be recycled, and the drop rate of weapons have also been greatly improved; even the worst of lucks can obtain a Legendary Weapon! You can create exclusive Dress Outfit from your inventory smelting equipment. Power & Beauty are more than just dreams.
As a symbol of angels, Glory Sword provides a custom choice for your character, allowing players to change the style of the wings as their wish. Kill the wild boss, the World Leader Monster and complete the guild mission, and there is a great chance to get the best of the best

---------Three Major Classical Occupations---------
Glory Sword consists of three classical professions: Warrior, Mage, and Cleric along with the reconstruction of the Rebirth Trial; where power can be rapidly increased by the number of Rebirth. A person can have multiple accounts as well as control multiple characters; making Equipment Crafting so much easier!
A warrior's swordsmanship is the most superb hence have the highest combat power. Dominate the Warrior Land, climb to the top of the miracle world!
A Mage contains mysterious magical power in his/her body; with its mysterious staff they can produce unimaginable power of destruction.
Clerics are elves, they are known for their beauty as well as their deadly skills with a wand. None can escape the death of their spells.

---------Collect and Raise Your Attendants---------
A wide variety of attendant can be encounter within the various Stages of the game. Each attendant has its own unique buff reward that can be of help during combat.

The new version of Glory Sword is now available! Enjoy awesome benefits along with double power and doubled experience! Level Up & Play as you will! Say no more, take out your sword and join the Fantasy World

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