• Farm More by Working Less

    With BlueStacks’ Eco Mode enabled, you can try your chances to summon rare heroes 10, 20, or more times in a day. And while you’re at it, the Eco Mode reduces resource consumption of your PC so you can run more instances than ever before.

  • 87% less* CPU & 97% less* GPU usage

    Eco Mode optimizes your PC’s resource utilization. Once enabled, it leads up to an 87% drop* in CPU usage and up to 97% drop* in GPU usage. And while BlueStacks is busy farming in-game resources, you can switch to different tasks. Watch a video, read about the best strategy to level up in a game, and more

    * based on internal benchmarking tests

  • Customizable Instances

    The all-new Eco Mode gives you the freedom to optimize resource consumption at individual BlueStacks instance level through Multi-instance Manager. It also lets you fine-tune changes like reducing the FPS to as low as 1 on any instance and enable/disable sound. The lower you keep the FPS, the lower would be the system resource consumption which would help you farm more.

  • Multi-instance Sync

    Combine a powerful feature like the Multi-Instance Sync with Eco Mode to take your game to the next level. Mirror all actions from your main account on all other active windows and develop multiple towns in Strategy games. No more hassle of managing each instance individually.

  • How to Enable Eco Mode

    You’ll need the latest version of BlueStacks installed to be able to enjoy this feature. If you don’t have it, please update to the latest version.

    • Click on the ellipsis on the toolbar

    • Select the Eco Mode icon from the pop-up menu

    • Click on the slider next to Eco Mode to activate on the current instance

  • How to Enable Eco Mode on all Instances

    • Click on the Multi-instance Manager icon of any active instance

    • At the bottom of the window, there’s a slider next to Eco Mode, click on the slider to activate

    • To manage Eco Mode settings from the game screen, click on the Eco Mode icon on the menu

  • How to Customize Eco Mode for an Individual Instance

    • Click on the ellipsis on the toolbar

    • Select the Eco Mode icon from the pop-up menu

    • Switch Eco Mode on or off, turn the sound on/off or change the framerate with Eco FPS from here

Eco Mode Works Best With

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