• Farming Made Easy. For you. And your PC.

    With Multi-Instance , it is easy to play the same game from multiple accounts and summon rare heroes faster and easier by opening multiple BlueStacks instances. But running multiple instances (2 or more) may often slow down your PC as each instance requires significant hardware power to function seamlessly. Enabling the Eco Mode is an effective way to keep your PC up and running even when multiple instances are at work.
  • Less Work, More Play

    An RPG like Epic Seven allows one free summon each day. If you don’t get a powerful hero once, you must try your chances again after 24 hours. But with multi-instance you can try your chances 10, 20 times or even more, per 24 hours with different accounts. And when you are doing so, enabling the Eco Mode reduces the resource consumption of each instance. So that you can multitask effortlessly.
  • The Eco Mode in Action

    Once the Eco Mode is enabled, the hardware of your PC utilizes minimum resources to run multiple instances flawlessly. It minimizes the CPU usage, reduces screen brightness of each instance, and produces low FPS for each game. So that you can run independent game sessions in as many instances as you want without slowing down your computer.
  • Keep the Game on. You Carry On.

    The Eco Mode gives you the freedom to truly experience active gameplay while you are doing other tasks on your PC. When you are building a large army in Rise of Kingdoms, raising soldiers from each of your accounts, you can activate the Eco Mode, and the game will keep running in the background with minimum resource utilization.And while BlueStacks is at work, you can switch to a different task. Browse the web or chat with your friends and return to the game later once the farming is done.

How to Use Eco Mode?

  • Run the game you want to play in multiple instances.

  • Start farming in each instance.

  • Enable the Eco Mode (you will find the button at the bottom screen of the multi-instance manager.)

Eco Mode Works Best With

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