One Powerful Feature. Three Customized Modes.

Be the master of your own gameplay with 3 customization modes on BlueStacks. Switch between modes to conserve memory, optimize RAM usage and performance, or get higher performance. What’s amazing is, you can use this feature while playing resource-hungry games and still get the best gaming experience.
  • Balanced Mode

    Optimizes RAM usage and performance. Works well with most apps and games.
  • High Performance Mode

    Consumes just a little extra RAM to deliver the best possible gaming experience.
  • Low Memory Mode

    Uses the least amount of RAM possible. Ideal for playing games on low-end PCs.
  • The Power Trio. Multi-instance, Eco Mode, and Performance Mode.

    Unlock massive rewards in Strategy games by combining the three. Run as many instances as needed to ace the game, reduce CPU and GPU usage with Eco Mode, and choose a performance mode that works best for your gameplay.
    The trio gives more power to you, brings BlueStacks to the most lightweight version, and you continue to enjoy a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

  • Multitask Like a Pro

    Most of the Strategy war games have a timer connected to activities, making you wait for long durations. In such a case, activating Low Performance Mode helps free up RAM from BlueStacks and return it to the PC.
    Use this freed-up memory to discuss gameplay strategies with your friends, watch videos or catch up on other work. Do all this and more while keeping an eye on your game in the background.

  • Ace Action and Shooter Games

    Experience the smoothest gameplay with High Performance Mode on BlueStacks. No stutters, no lags. Go for killer headshots with utmost precision, every time.
    When activated, the High performance mode takes up a little extra RAM to secure stable performance (on high-end PCs) or offer a temporary boost (on low-end systems). Once you’ve outperformed all your opponents, you can just set it back to default to normalize resource consumption.

  • How To Change Performance Mode

    • Open Settings from the side toolbar

    • Navigate to the Performance tab, click on Performance mode

    • Select the preferred mode from the dropdown menu

    • Click on Save Changes

    • To apply the change, click on Restart Now

  • How To Apply One Mode For Multiple Instances

    • Run a game and open multiple instances

    • Apply the desired performance mode on the primary instance

    • Restart all running instances

Note: This setting will also be applied to all installed instances when you launch them if they are not running when you apply this change on the primary instance.

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