• Crisper. Sharper. Clearer.

    See an enemy far, lurking in the bush? Go for a headshot. Welcome to the world of Android gaming on PC with BlueStacks where the visual clarity of the next-gen mobile games, the massively popular PUBG and CoD is taken to a whole new level, something that is difficult to manage on a mobile phone, given its limitations. By changing the resolution to the highest in BlueStacks, you can easily distinguish each element on the screen clearer than anybody else. So that when you spot an enemy, you are the one to draw first blood. Ready for countless ‘Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner’ moments?
  • Image Resolution and Graphics Quality

    Resolution is all about the number of pixels in an image. Generally, more pixels lead to crisper images. By changing the resolution of any game, it is possible to experience crystal clear gaming, where you can see every detail come to life on the screen. While 1080p screens have become the norm these days, mobile games are still rendered at lower resolutions to ensure smoother gaming performance. Playing on BlueStacks eliminates those restrictions. If you have a display that supports full HD/QHD, you can change the resolution in PUBG and CoD Mobile with BlueStacks and crank the resolution for that oh-so-crispy graphics quality.
  • 720p Vs UHD 2160p

    It is easy to miss out on tiny details on a lower resolution, say 720p. A distant tree might just look like a messy line and the far off enemy, a faint little moving dot; something that sounds like a death knell in Battle Royale games where spotting the enemy first is a huge advantage. And that is why the more pixels a display adds to an image, the better the clarity.

How to Change In-Game Resolution in PUBG and CoD?

  • Press CTRL + Shift + I or click on the ‘gear’ icon on the sidebar to open BlueStacks Settings

  • Select the in-game resolution you like

  • Click on the ‘Save’ button

High-Definition Graphics Works Best With

  • Shooting Mode

    Improve your aim and reaction time with keyboard, mouse.

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  • Smart Controls

    Lock/ free cursor automatically in shooting games

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