• Shooting Mode On. Game On.

    Rule the battlefield in your favorite android shooting games. Press F1 to aim and shoot with the mouse – that is how simple it is to activate the shooting mode. Once enabled, it gives you the power to go on a blood-pumping shooting adventure or bask in the glory of thrilling headshots. All with the freedom and easy controls of a mouse and keyboard.
    Shooting Mode On. Game On.
  • More Kills. More Victories.

    Complement your gaming skills with Shooting Mode and be way ahead of the pack. Use your keyboard to move the character and your mouse to look around and shoot. The result? You are ready to bring home more ‘Booyahs’ and become the ‘Chicken Dinner’ expert you were destined to be.
    More Kills. More Victories.
  • Act Faster than Your Enemy

    Moving around, watching your back, aiming to shoot - there is always so much happening in a shooting game. Performing all these complex operations can prove challenging on a multiple touch control mobile screen. With Shooting Mode enabled on BlueStacks, you can shoot with the precision of the finest snipers, save yourself from enemy bullets, and command all your movement with precise keyboard and mouse controls.
    Act Faster than Your Enemy
  • Assign Your Own Key. Stay in Charge.

    The default key to toggle the Shooting Mode is F1. If you are more comfortable using a different key, you can easily bind it by going to the Game Controls. To make more granular changes, go to the Advanced Editor. Find your perfect combination of controls and enjoy the glorious victories that follow.
    Assign Your Own Key. Stay in Charge.

How to Use Shooting Mode?

  • Shooting Mode Step Image

    Launch a shooting game of your choice

  • Shooting Mode Step Image

    Press CTRL + Shift + A or click on the keyboard icon on the right-side toolbar to ‘Open Advanced Editor’

  • Shooting Mode Step Image

    Drag and Drop the ‘Aim, Pan and Shoot’ control scheme anywhere on the screen

  • Shooting Mode Step Image

    Right-click on the gear icon for making advanced changes and save

Shooting Mode First Asset

Advanced Settings for Aim, Pan, and Shoot

  • Guidance Category

    Category under which to show the control in the game window

  • Fields


  • X

    Location of the 'X' axis where Shooting Mode is placed

  • Y

    Location of 'Y' axis where Shooting Mode is placed

  • Start Stop

    The toggle key that is used to activate/de-activate Shooting Mode. Default is usually F1

  • Suspend

    Suspends ‘Shooting Mode’ and allows free movement of mouse cursor while the key is pressed (Till it is released)

  • Mouse Sensitivity

    The sensitivity of the aim with respect to the movement of the mouse. With Sensitivity = 1, the game will aim at Windows sensitivity. (Pro Tip - Switch off enhanced pointer precision from 'Pointer Options' in Control Panel to get more accurate aiming)

  • Sensitivity Ratio Y

    This is used to set a different sensitivity for Y-Axis (Vertical movement of the mouse). E.g. Value of 2 = Vertical movement is twice as fast as horizontal movement

  • Look Around Mode

    Used to enable Look Around Mode which is a core part of most Battle Royale Games

  • Eye Icon

    Place the eye icon on the look around control if available

  • Free Look Position X Y

    To define coordinates manually

  • Free Look

    Key used to look around.

  • Fire with Mouse Left

  • Place the fire icon over the fire weapon control on the screen

    The mouse icon can be placed over the key that is used to shoot in the game

  • Action Position X Y

    To define coordinates manually

  • Overlay

    Key to Shoot (Default set to Left Click)

  • Action

    Select to show keys on screen

Shooting Mode Works Best With

  • Game Controls

    Game Controls

    Play with preset controls or customize them.

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  • MOBA Mode

    MOBA Mode

    Move your hero freely or cast different skills with your mouse and keyboard.

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  • Script


    Automate repetitive in-game tasks.

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